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Collage: Small

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226 solves
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I created the images in this collage.


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Thank you for your kind comments, Kirsten. And I owe it all to you, so you have all my thanks for that. I really enjoy seeing what I can come up with. I do remember the days I would see you at Jill's place. And I don't know how you manage to make puzzles, work, and continue in other areas of your life. It's a good thing I hadn't discovered Jigidi when I was still working. I didn't really have time to do much on the computer except create worksheets!


You're a very diverse and prolific puzzle maker Gail! I love how you have made your own niche. :)))

And I love these fabrics too. Specially those ones that made the little three petalled daisys. Awww. So cute!! Thanks very much. :)))

Oh, and PS. I remember how we would "meet" each other on Jill's fabric collages. Do you? Back in the days of being a solver only - not a maker too. Now there's no time for solving large puzzles anymore. Oh, well.


Thanks, Edie. I like making them, too. I will continue to make these as well as the other collages and kaleidoscopes.


I'm so happy you picked up from Jill. I love this style of puzzle and hope that you continue making them. Thanks Gail


This one looks like little patches of material for a quilt. I like the middle left the best, although they are all so nice. Thank you, Gail!


You are welcome, LauraJane. Jill (Art4sight and Jill4art) used to make puzzles like this that she called quilts---and I loved them. She inspired me into making these. I make the patterns myself using a special kaleidoscope filter.