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I Can Draw Mosaic Tiles! (Brighter Than It Looks)

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Well, hello, Mary, how nice to finally see you!

Thanks so much! :-)))


It is much brighter and easy to see when solving! 5:45 Thanks, Pat!


Actually, Ardy, it's the same puzzle I posted plain, but then I added a mosaic texture and embossed it--those two things took just one click each on LunaPic. I wouldn't have that patience or talent either--I called it what I did because I Can Draw is the title of the puzzle it came from! LOL!

I'll see what I can do about the girls....:-)


This looks like it would have taken hours to draw. I wouldn't have that kind of patience - or talent either. Speaking of dog prints on the garden, I know it's not your style for puzzles but could I (we) have a Maggie-Cassie puzzle? I love your current avatar and don't want it changed but I miss the girls. Thanks, Pat. This was fun to solve.


Oooh, yes, that would be cool! My garden doesn't have any stepping stones--but it has a lot of paw prints that were made when it was muddy and then got frozen in place--does that count? LOL! Thanks, Katie!


This is something I'd hope to see in a garden. I'd love to have a path of stepping stones that look like this! Thanks Pat!



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10 roseheather 4:08

You're still there, and now you will always be there, for all to see! :-)))


Oh, and while it may be brighter than it looks it is also soft enough for someone, like me, who likes muted colors. Thanks for a great puzzle, and for 10 seconds or so I will be on the list of early finishers with a time of 4:08. It will probably be gone by the time I move away from this page. ; )


No, I only do that as a last resort, when everything freezes...! Thanks, roseheather!


Clever, and I'll bet you didn't take a hammer to your computer screen either. lol ; )