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The day the Earth stood still (smaller), by arichards63 on flickr

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Hi Flip, I'm so sorry I didn't revisit this puzzle sooner. It got sort of buried several pages down in my bookmarks.

I did an image search for Tahitian outriggers. They're quite the boat. The ones for multiple people seem really long. On Wikipedia, it says that the sport is connected to dragon boat racing. In Oregon, we have dragon boat racing contests, with lots of women participating. Have you ever done that? Sorry you didn't win. Next time!

I had who I call my "adopted surrogate daughter" visit me for a couple of days, and I was only on Jigidi to post my puzzles. I loved having her here, but I missed Jigidi, even for those couple of days, so I understand what you mean.

I can't swim and don't really like the water. I used to go to a warm therapy pool for my fibromyalgia, but it's too far to drive where I currently live. It was wonderful to wrap a noodle around me and just float. It was the only time I was pain free. That's about the only thing I like about the water.

I finally know what gender you are! Do you have a first name you'd like to share on Jigidi? I'll understand if you're hesitant.

Don't huli!!! [I'm assuming you know what that means...]

Thanks Gail !
I started a new sport 2 months ago : tahitian outrigger !
My arms were not prepared for this... but anyway, I paddle 4 times a week, and last week I participate to my first competition: 25km... but we lost, one girl on the outrigger was sick (we were 6 girls on the outrigger)...
what is funny is that usually I don't like water sports... when I was 7 I finished almost drowned in a swimming pool because the teacher pushed me in thinking I knew how to swim...
I think I will find some time to play puzzle again 'cause I miss it...


Happy La FĂȘte Nationale! I arrived in Paris on July 14, 1969, and spent most of my time in the Montmartre area. It was hippie kingdom then. I had a great time.

This is a great puzzle, Flip. I haven't seen you on Jigidi for a while. I hope everything is all right, and that you're just on vacation.


A wonderful puzzle! Thank you, Flip, for making this smaller one! (6:19.)