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Making friends on Jigidi

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Even though we are all different culturally, ethnically, age, education and come from all over the world, on Jigidi we are free of all these entrapments and become friends.


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We're on the same page again, PNB. I keep an open spreadsheet while I work on Jigidi puzzles to make sure I remember everyone's names and home country or place (just in case the memory is a little foggy that day). I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Jigidi friend but am glad, in a way, that she found some comfort in being on this site. I have been on-line a lot for the last several months due to illnesses but am getting around and about again so expect that I will have to curtail some of my activity too. It is addictive, however! I've seen your profile name on some other puzzles that I have done (and we share Monica as such a sweet and enthusiastic supporter!) so am glad to have finally met you. Michelle

btw: May I ask where you live? I have to update my spreadsheet. I also changed the name of the puzzle that you liked... ;-D


Michelle, I agree with all of your thoughts. In my friends list I have people from all over the world. I used to keep a list by my desk of where they lived in the world and what the time differences were between us. I kept little notes about them and their first names. On my list was a wonderful lady that left the sweetest notes. When I first ran a PNB cancer awareness puzzle she mentioned she was battling cancer. When she dropped out of the Jigidi world over a year ago, i was ver sad and mourned our loss. I'm sure she must have passed on and I have grieved for the loss of her in my cyber world and when I go over my friends list, I always think of her.
I used to be more involved with the Jigidi community, but my life is pretty busy right now. I work with the pink n black for personal therapy, so to speak, and the wonderful posts that get left behind are a big bonus in my world. Thanks for taking the time to leave a note behind, it really makes my day. It has been a pleasure to get to know you better, this morning. PNB


PnB, this is a wonderful puzzle (1:44) and I so agree with what you have said here. (Tears well up in my eyes.) I joined Jigidi late last September (after being directed to the site by my daughter) and would like to share what the community here has come to mean to me. I now have so many on-line friends from around the world that it seems hard to credit that though we may never meet in person, we all feel such warmth and caring towards each other. I received incredible support when I was worried and upset about my dog (and cannot believe that I would even have posted such...I'm actually a private person). The outpouring of comfort and shared information was incredible and helped me in manifold ways. How we all responded to Kathy's plight with the discarded puppies and how it all finally resolved with another Jigideer, Libby, adopting little Callie Lou. How we were all so deeply sympathetic to Patti and care so much about her. These are just examples of what I have always believed about people. No matter who we are or where we live, we all just want the same things at the core. Love, family, safety and friendship.

I live in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world (Toronto) and have had wonderful experiences meeting people who hail from around the world and learning about different cultures, religions, languages, food... Perhaps this has what has made me believe that no matter what the surface person looks like or the politics of the home country or their religion, it is the character only of that individual person that counts to me. I consider myself very fortunate to have learned this so many years ago while working as a summer student in a branch of government that helped immigrants adapt to their new country and administered ESL programmes for mothers. (At that time, my city looked much more homogeneous than it does now.)

I thank you greatly for expressing this so well with this puzzle and your thoughtful words. Kudos and hugs to you, dear PnB!


Monica, thanks for the sweet words, you are one of my greatest friends on Jigidi!


Pinknblack you are so very sweet and thoughtful! It would be an empty jigidi world without you!


Thanks, friends. I appreciate each of your thoughtful and kinds posts. I really love the world of Jigidi and all the great friends I have met here. Thanks for being a part o my world.


I love this one pinknblack! The whole world needs to see this pic and act on it! Thanks!


How wonderful the world would be if this happened more often and in more places! Thanks p n b ;-)


What a sweet picture and what a great attitude! I love it. Thank you, PnB!


I love your pink and black puzzles. This one is super cute! Thanks.


Thanks Jcarroll, Bizarra and Nana for taking the time to leave a post. Glad you enjoyed these little cuties. I thought their mixed personalities were much like all of ours.


What a sweet picture! I so agree with your comment, PnB. Thank you!


Very cute picture!!


Very well said, pinknblack!


Cobalt, your avatar is awesome, too!


Cobalt, love you name! You are welcome.


Great picture, & puzzle. So true. Thanks