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Wheels on Fire KaleidoBOARDS!

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74 solves
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And that 24,000 is just from people in the area of Missouri, right? LOL
My bookmark pages are so many that they are asking me to clear them out......WAY too much space being used. (I am only half kidding) Confession - - more than 100 pages.......I will deny it in a court of law!!


Thanks, Jan for the info. I try to be vague enough but I sometimes I get carried away!
And I don't know if I could go 2 whole weeks without visiting my Jigidi family! Good luck with that
Just have tons of fun, take a lot of pictures and tell us whatever you can about your trip you feel comfortable enough to share.
The biggest problem I see is playing catchup on Jigidi! As many as 24,000 puzzles may be posted while you are away. You may not catchup until Christmas! LOL!


JC - We are going on a ten-year anniversary trip to where we honeymooned - Jamaica! We leave in ten days and are going to be gone 2 weeks. No computers allowed, we agreed! We will see if withdrawal sets in..... But, we are re-newing our vows and it's an all-inclusive, so we'll be snorkling and sailing our little hearts out! LOL! (luckily I can now fit into my bathing suits! Yay!

BTW - if you have been puzzle communicating with people.......if you discuss something very personal, go back in a week or so, and delete you comment. I "hear" that some people like to troll the comments just to see what's up. It's safer on the older puzzles.... just a FYI, you are probably doing this already! :))


I know exactly what you mean. It is something so organic. I really have made good friends here. I have to be careful not to spend too much time here, because I have so many other things to do, including dog walking and exercise. It is bizarre! Who knew there were so many wonderful, caring people all over the world with common interests and are talented and funny, too! Of course you are one of them! :D


JC - that is wonderful news. John's doctor was amazed at what a difference his taking off 60 pounds made. I mean, she knew it would be good, but the degree to which it was good was surprising. And, he feels so much better.
That blood pressure stuff is so hard; so much of it is genetic. My thin mother had it most of her adult life. My high stress--90 hour work week Dad - not a problem. But, your exercise will make a huge difference. I am so proud of you!!!!!!! (and see, Jigidi is good for you! LOL)


Oh, I am so sorry, Gail. there is so much of that going around. I hope you feel better, soon! :)


No, I already felt dizzy from my cold!


Thanks so much, Gail! I hope you didn't get too dizzy!


Love all the bright colors and spinning centers.


You are so welcome, Pat!

Ardy - I'm glad you had fun with the colors! Thank you.

Hester - They all elbowed themselves into a place in the puzzle. I couldn't stop them! LOL

Willy - Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the colors!

Hanne - Thank YOU. Your comments are always so sweet!

Katie - Thank you so much! I tried to include ALL the colors I could think of! :D

Mandy - Thank you! We both love our bright colors, don't we! (I'm looking at your avatar!) :)


Oh Wow - what fabulously bright colours, thanks Jan


FABULOUS!! Absolutely stunning with all the bright colors! Thanks ever so much Jan!


WONDERFUL!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Fun puzzle, love the colors.


A biggie board!! What a treat, and such a bobby dazzler too! Thanks, Jan!! :-))


This was a harder one but, oh, so much fun and such beautiful colors. Thank you, Jan. And I'm in 3rd place on the slippery slide right now.


Good one thanks Jan