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I Wanted Strawberries...

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...but these are as big as tomatoes! I put the quarter there for size comparison!


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This is one fruit we're lucky to get most of the year round, however, not this big and juicy. I love them, too. Thanks, Monica.


Wow, I want some of those strawberries, did you save any for us tex? They look pretty awesome!


Yes, I see the Pansy now. The strawberries are so big I couldn't make it out at first!!


Thanks, all, they are so huge this year. Maybe it was ample steroids!


Wow, these are gorgeous! We've been getting some beauties here in Louisiana too!


"I would like a pound of strawberries!" "Sorry we don't cut them in pieces!!" Thanks so very much tex!


I'll get a bowl of icecream organised and be over for a feed, thanks Tex:)


That's funny sevenstar, black raspberries and strawberries are about the same price here in Alabama right now. I just used both for some color contrast to decorate a white cake, and it looked spectacular.


They do look yummy.


WOW! I know they grow things Bigger in Texas.. That just proves it
Awesome Tex. : )

I'll drool over them since I am not allowed to eat them any more.


OHHHHH YUMMMMMM,I could eat them right up.Thanks Tex.


Thank you, Anitas, they were delish!
Warb, I have so many dishes you couldn't believe it. This one is a pansy desert plate like the lavender bowl I showed before. I love pretty serving stuff! Thanks.
Laurajane, I've been getting these at Farmer's Market. They're really cheap now, and so are blueberries. Raspberries are out of sight! Thank you.


Where did you get such gorgeous strawberries, tex? They are picture-perfect!


We had sliced strawberies on French Vanilla ice cream, with a sprinkling of chopped pecans last night but they weren't anywhere as big as these. They look really nice against that yellow serving dish. Yummy! Thanks Tex.


They certainly look delicious.


Thanks, GNT, Chickie & Fodus. Yes, they are huge. And delicious, I might add.


You could put a silver dollar out there and the strawberries would still be larger. I've got some in the frig, too. Bye !


Oh man, now I am hungry for them too!


good post texas


Thank you, Naner, don't mind these two, they're just getting to be soulmates!


You wanted strawberries Tex and you got what you wanted!!!!!! Now I've got to go eat some strawberries I bought earlier today!!!!


You can call me Pat, chookies, sevenstar already does. My mother named me Patrick so she could call me Patsy, a traditional Irish nickname. Thank goodness my father put his foot down! Life's hard enough for a kid without being a boy named Sue.

(And PLEASE don't anybody mention that over in Bugosiland! PLEASE!)


Thanks tex, patsquire and I were just gettin' to know each other!


GREAT berries and comments. Thanks.


That's absolutely cool, chookster. Thanks. Actually, I'm out of my sleep routine, too. I'm usually a night owl, but as I'm retired it doesn't do me any harm to shift my normal hours around. I can't usually fall asleep until the sun starts to come up, so I know all the clerks in the all-night stores and restaurants around here!

Thanks for the loan of your puzzle, sevenstar, you're a great hostess!


Oh sorry, what day is it? Friday the 12th. We may be 'down-under' but we're 1 day ahead of you lot....


Hey patsquire, I'm not generally up at 2am but I couldn't sleep, so I got up and posted early. Now had I stayed in bed, you and I wouldn't be having this conversation, would we? No seriously, we changed our clocks back 1 hr. last weekend as we head into our winter months. We've just gone through an extremely hot summer, which broke all kinds of records, so we're looking forward to winter now. We're officially in autumn (your fall) but the temps are still quite high for this time of year. Nice talking to you, mate!


No need to go all deadly on me! I just didn't know, but then I'm usually among the last to find out things, have been all my life. So what the heck time of day is it there, and what day of the week? Here in Alabama, USA it's 1:00pm (daylight saving time, really it's 12:00 noon) on Thursday the 11th.


I'm deadly serious, patsquire....just sayin'!


Well, I am in Texas, you know! The land of bigger & better...just sayin'!


Hmmmmm........seriously, you're Australian?


We grow 'em BIG 'downunder' too, patsquire!! Big and beautiful!!


Wow! I thought it was a penny, then I read your caption! The only place I know that grows strawberries that big is Plant City, Florida. Monsters, and flavorful too.


I bet they taste as good as they look, tex! Enjoy!!