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Happy St. Patrick's Day Loony

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52 solves
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I'm sorry this is a little blurry--I sharpened it the best I could..... That's why there's no automatic large version--it wouldn't be any good.


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Whatnauts has gone and stolen my snow day. Ours quickly turned from ice to rains. Too bad there is no such thing as a rain day. : (


Hmph. PD, I think you sent the snow thoughts in the wrong direction! We had around 20 cm in the last 24 hours and then the wind come up and blew it all into drifts. What a mess. As if we didn't already have enough. Unbelievable the amount of snow we've had this winter. I really, truly hope this is the last of it. We have enough to keep us in white until the end of April :((((


Thanks so much, Rosie! And as for you, Ms. Wendy.........LOL!!!


It's just as well, Pat. There's not nearly enough green in this. LOL


Loved the many shades of green and many sizes of squares of the last puzzle and now the dipsy, doozy of this one with the shamrocks thrown in. Thanks for another set of crazy, fun puzzles today. Rosie


I'm glad that you're no longer taking the shady side of the street, Aishah! And I'm definitely still sending out vibes to the universe to give you a snow day tomorrow! :-)))


And Polish/German Americans like me are VERY big on it, especially if they're, first, named Pat, and second, married to someone half-Irish, the way I am (the other half of him is Sicilian--how's that for a combo?!!!)! I'm not all that fond of Guinness myself, although I do love good, strong beer, but it was de rigueur for this holiday... And the puzzle doesn't look half bad to me now, either......! Thanks, Hester! :-)))


Pat, I'm "legal" now. No nurse threatening to send me home. Still haven't gotten to jigidi like planned. Conspiracies everywhere I tell you! LOL!


Hi Pat! This is a cracking puzzle! And after 2 glasses of wine ( no Guinness!) I see no blurring! LOL
I actually have a small claim to fame in that I was born and brought up in the town where St Patrick was buried, Downpatrick. We have the St. Patrick's Cathedral there too. It is amusing that ex pats celebrate the day more than those who live there!! :-))


I think the pieces were so small because the shamrock program really condensed the image--the largest it would jig without my stretching it was 56 pieces, I believe... I don't like the small pieces either. Sorry, Edie.

How are you doing, Aishah--are you on the computer "legally" now? LOL!

Thanks, both of you! :-)))


Love the addition of the shamrocks to your loony grid Pat!


Pat, this was a cute puzzle. Green is my favorite color. I'm a little behind on my bookmarks so no worries about the larger version. : )


Loved the puzzle and the shamrocks. Not so much a fan of the smaller pieces. Thanks Pat


I love the addition of the shamrocks on this puzzle. Very, very festive. Thanks, PD.


Happy St. Pat's Day to you all! Thanks, Brie, Mandy, Ardy, and PJ--I was pleased with the way the border flew together, but then I got to the inside...... Ha! Usually, the angle of the distortion gives me a clue, but this time all it did was confuse me! I'm glad I'm not alone with that... :-)))


Pat - loved the green challenge.


A solve by shape puzzle for sure. I thought at first that you had greased the pieces. They were sliding all over the screen. But they finally calmed down. Thanks, Pat. Fun.


Thanks Pat, I enjoyed the additional shamrock decorations :~)


Still lovely - and a very happy St Patrick's Day to you!