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Snow - Garden Jan 2013 no.2 Resized

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My Snowy Garden


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Hi pumpkinhead - thank you for your welcome, everyone on here seems so friendly. It's nice to see lovely pictures of the snow and birds, cats, sunsets, gardens, even kaleidoscopes - all the things I love! Thanks for your comments. It snowed continuously for 24hrs on two occasions here in England - not usual for us these days. Thanks for stopping by. Nicky.


niccolino--- Welcome to jigidi! It is always nice to have a new member of our family:) Please let us know if you have any questions....if we can't answer them, we can always make something up!
You have a lovely snow garden. Does it take you long to plant the snow? :)


Thanks roseheather and Ank. Very true Ardy!


In winter it's lovely to look at. Then the rest of the year you can enjoy being in it. It takes a lot of work to keep up a beautiful yard like you have. Thanks for the smaller size.


You have a beautiful garden Nicky, love the snow at the bushes.


Beautiful! Thank you.