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Goofie: Darn spider and its stupid thread.....

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If you look closely on the leaf of my Dahlia (Asteraceae) you see the white Butterfly I was chasing for a picture.....Goofie "bumped" his head against a thread a spider had connected from one plant to the other☺☺☺


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Jay... congratulations soo.!!!☺☺☺

You're very smart to let your partner go're such a Lady!☺☺☺☺


I found the butterfly! ☺☺
In the mornings when we leave to go and collect our grandson I open the garden gate and make my partner walk through first so he always gets the spider threads ☺☺☺☺


Lynetteoz, just this morning a spider was walking on my kitchen wall....I caught it and put it in my garden...where maybe Goofie or I will bump into its thread tomorrow!) :)

Tisketsmum, did you find the butterfly??? I'll give you a hint.....on the leaf at about the same level as Goofie's nose there it is! I couldn't get closer, sorry☺☺☺


Gemstone...good to hear "daddy" is doing great....his voice will probably improve, but I'd guess that's the least of their worries right now.
In 1991 my eldest brother was operated on a tumor which also wrapped itself in his right lung. They removed 2/3 of his lung and some ribs where the tumors had tentacles to and the operation lasted for hours! Because of less lung capacity (of course) but mainly by the endotracheale tube he had a raspy voice more of a hoarse voice actually . But all in all it was a great success...and he even went back to work months later!!!! He made jokes about not be able to sing anymore....mind you...he couldn't sing before the operation either!☺☺ After his operation he did remarkably well and lived for 16 more years....he died in August 2007 at the age of 59 from another form of cancer .....


Oh no, not spiders and their pesky threads. We've got lots too Goofie and they're a nuisance.
Right, time to look for the butterfly .......


I know the feeling Goofie! I have got stuck in them many times - yuk :-)


Yes, he is great...he was on the table for ten hours...the tumour had wrapped itself around the brain stem...but the surgeon is really pleased as he had anticipated 12-15 hours of surgery. "Dad" went for a brain scan yesterday so they dropped the puppy off before the appointment and dad is looking really good, walking well, etc. The only noticeable difficulty at present is a very raspy voice but hopefully that will remedy itself soon.
Next Monday we get a little shih tzu to babysit for two weeks. :D

It is taking some time to catch up on seven weeks of my "Favourites" so I've finally decided to give up on reading all the comments and just go with the pictures as I frequently get sidetracked...e.g. I had to find out how little Molly was doing! LOL I did read about the problems you and Rebecca have with unpleasant sorry. We are very lucky with the residents in our building both beside and below us...fortunately, there are only a few renters and almost everyone is working or retired so they tend to want to look after their, we have a social area away from the residences that owners can rent for larger groups.


Quite right Rebecca.....yesterday he had some spider web thread with prey dangling in his eyebrow!!☺☺


Spider webs, yuck! Sticky & cats don't mix! I try to appreciate the other bugs they catch, but...


Klopt helemaal schutkleur☺
Dank je☺

Hi gemstone good to see you again ♥ .... these spiders are everywhere and in the house too where they shoot their threads at you from who knows where....I think they're laughing at me from where they're hidden☺☺
Thank you for looking at all(?) my postings gemstone....that must have taken you quite a while☺♥☺
How did the puppy-sitting go? Is her daddy doing all right?


Don't you just hate it when that happens?!? Then you search all over to find out if that spider is ON you!

Finally caught up on all your postings, to do all the bookmarked puzzles..."Micky" will be next. ☺❤☺


Gevonden! Op het zonbeschenen blad links onder Goofie's neus? Heb wel even moeten zoeken☺
Mooie foto trouwens☺


Thank you Mrs Quinn....I planted these 2 Dahlia's this Spring...after the bloom I'll dig up the "bulbs" and try again next year. My tulip bulbs are almost ready to be put back in the ground somewhere in September and hope they will bloom again (for the 4th time) in Spring 2015 ...☺
BTW. ....we do have a lot of spiders this year, probably due to the mild winter we had....


Goofie - remember spider are fun to chase - put they do make lots of threads, Goofie - you and your mums garden is beautiful today with all the lovely flowers in bloom - I think you must be able to grow anything!