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Legs 11.... or 1111

49 pieces
88 solves
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Thank you Kirsten, although I'm not sure I would have been able to do it if I hadn't met and married just before Dad needed care... so my lovely OH deserves most of the credit :~)


I totally know what you mean, Mandy. And really admire your decision to do that for him. :)))


Kirsten, don't apologise, I got sidetracked making a puzzle, and would have missed an earlier response from you, (as I did on the other puzzle!). Yes, we care for my Dad, he's lived with us nearly 7 years now. We were able to go on holiday with him a couple of times initially, but now he's too frail and finds change confusing. We want to ensure he has the best quality of life possible for the time he has left, and because of his circumstances, there is nowhere else that can provide that for him - he needs familiarity, from people and places, more than anything else.


Oh, Mandy! I'm sorry that I missed your reply here. It sounds like you're a carer for your dad - which is an extraordinarily generous and selfless thing to do. And a self-sacrificing thing too - as in not being able to take a holiday. He must be a wonderful man, for you to do all of that for him. And you must be pretty wonderful to do that for him. :)))


Yes, we did have a wonderful time, and I'd visit again like a shot, only Dad's too old to travel these days, and I don't want to leave him anywhere else so I can go away. Mind you the journey home was llloooonnnnggg!!!! LOL


It sounds like you had a fabulous time, Mandy, and really made the most of it. I'm glad you caught the GBR. I've snorkelled on it, and I think it was one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. It is indeed a great wonder of the world. :)))


Yes, I loved Cairns - and we went out to dive on the GBR - amazing!! I also took a helicopter ride over the reef, which was wonderful, but I think diving and flying don't really go too well together, as I got quite queasy on the boat trip back to land!!! But, hey, it was a once in a lifetime experience, so I had to cram in all I could!!! The girls were great - it was the oldest ones 18th while we were there... they claimed I set a precedent by doing it, but when the others eventually turned 18 none of them chose to re-visit Oz. My favourite place on the trip was Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park - we rode the train up to it, and got the Skyrail back down - we have some very treasured memories of that trip.


Indigenous Art IS really interesting, Mandy. I used to prefer the traditional stuff, but have grown to love the modern too. I was such a purist about it, but who am I to deny a person their artistic expression?

I hope that you got to explore the Great Barrier Reef while you were up in Cairns. It's the most amazing place. And you're brave travelling with three teenage girls!! That must have been a handful! LOL


Gosh, thankyou Kirsten, that's really interesting. I fell in love with Aboriginal Art when I was in Sydney and Cairns in 2004 - I would have bought lots if I could, but I had 3 teenage girls with me and 2 of them wanted didgeridoos to bring home - proper ones which they had learnt to play... the other wanted Malaysian gold, sapphires and diamonds.... and I wanted to treat them rather than myself!! This started life as a turtle, a kangaroo and a lizard, chasing round in a circle!!


Is this Australian aboriginal art, Mandy? It kaleido's beautifully. I was going to give it a shot myself a while back, but didn't think I could get the variation in colour in the traditional art that I think I would need for a 3x3 - specially in 324 pieces. Although I saw your 3x3 in the 49 piece size did pretty well!! But I think it's perfect for singles.

Indigenous art is amazing. I love how it tells a story. I own a couple of pieces myself - as the college that I work for has an indigenous unit, and art is one of the courses they run. Each year they put on an art exhibition and sale, and I can never resist buying one or two or ten (LOL) pieces. It's great to be able to speak to the artists and find out what the picture means. One memorable piece that I bought and gave one of my sisters was on an aqua background, and covered in gold gum leaves and dragon flies in different sizes. The aqua colour and gum leaves represented her home - water and the bush. And the dragon flies represented her extended family - the small ones being her children and the larger ones being her siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents. It was a beautiful picture, made even more beautiful by knowing its story.

Another one I wanted, but couldn't afford, showed a winding river, with different shapes dotted along the edge of the river. When I asked the artist what the shapes were, she explained that these kinds of drawings were like maps for indigenous Australians - showing them where to catch certain things in the river, or where indigenous fruits or edible grasses grow. I love that it was beautiful, but practical all at the same time.

Anyway, I've banged on waaaaaay too long. Time to toddle off and explore. Thanks for posting this - I really like it. :))))