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Colouring squares :)) IV

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446 solves
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Glad you enjoyed it Nokor and thanks for dropping by. :))


I also like this type of puzzle, and I'm waiting to have enough time to do some of my own puzzles, like this one. :)) but on the contrary to you I have to fit the puzzles in during the week, which is difficult, as I usually spend the weekend without access to the Internet.

fun puzzle to do, thanks


With most of your puzzles, I bookmark them for the weekend, particularly the larger ones. It's all I can do to keep up with the small and medium puzzles I bookmark each day. With any luck, that leaves me enough time to do one larger puzzle each evening, and since I have several waiting in the wings, I generally will solve one that's been bookmarked for a few days. \

You will rarely find me on the board with a puzzle of this type, and that's one reason why I add my time to my comment. I really enjoy this type, looking for the matching pieces, but I don't classify them as particularly difficult, only time consuming.


Hi Debs, yes this was a very agreeable weekend, especially yesterday and tonight I will find some jigidi time to. :))) Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Sunday and see you tomorrow. :)))


Hi Whatnauts, it must have been quite difficult, as Queen comments, to keep you up late and you not being on the board, I'm used to seeing you up there. Sometimes reading your comments I'm not really sure whether you have already done the puzzle or if you intend to come back to do it. Then I only have to look at the board and when I see your star shining up there I usually know that you have done it or if not that you will be back and write my comment according to it. :)))
Thanks for your late-nightly visit and see you tomorrow. :))


Glad you enjoyed it Quenn and I'm shure it wasn't easy. :)))
Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome. :))


Hi Dagmar, thank you ~ this was such fun :) I am glad to see you are having some well earned free time to enjoy Jigidi !!
I am hoping for the same today, and I am looking forward to your next posting. I wish you a lovely relaxing Sunday :))


This was fun and kept me up past my bedtime. Off to dreamland now!!!
(1:03:14 or as PD would say 63:14)


This was difficult, but i loved it, thanks!