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Poor baby!

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You're welcome, Donna! I agree with you. They will stare the whole time you're eating!! I try to have something for Boomer to eat so we can eat our meal in peace. :)


Poor doggie, bless it's heart. I am sure every dog person out there can certainly relate to this look. (ha) Thanks, Dottie.


I just accepted you.


Also, I couldn't see where you had invited me on my Timeline.


I got to your Timeline but couldn't fin where to comment. Maybe I went to the wrong "B" Dolittle. The picture had two dogs swimming.


Cuz, Schnoodle sounds like a little cuddle bug. Boomer thinks when I sit down I'm supposed to automatically put him in my lap. And I usually do. :) I'll look now for your invite on Facebook.


Cuz, your Boomer sounds like my little schnoodle. She goes everywhere I go, and every day we sit in my chair (my throne) with her curled up between my feet on the footstool. At the computer at night I work my puzzles while I listen to sermons from my 2 fave online ministries. She stays by me and when she's had enough she licks my ankles to say it's time for bed. She has the stares, too. (BTW, I sent you a friend request on FB.)


Boomer loves green beans so we cut up a few (canned beans...he will only eat Publix about spoiled!!) Anyway, we put a few in his bowl while we eat and that stops the begging. He loves them!!


We have three little dogs that are running between me and Charles whining and crying because they think they are starving to death and we're eating in front of them. We always say "no people food" . . . that lasts about one meal and yeah, they get fed . . . but they're so cute!


Do you miss them, Haney? I would. We are a dog family. We have one of our own (probably more if my husband would agree...he's a smart man. Ha) and six granddogs and five great granddogs. Thankfully they don't bring them when we have a family get-together. : )


Dottie, we have been dog free for many years. We do have visits from our three granddogs. Thanks. Haney :-)


Lin, we don't feed Boomer from the table but he gets little nibbles while I'm cooking. I guess he's happy because he doesn't beg while we're eating. But he stares at us when he wants something and I have to guess what it is! Go for walk? Find toy? Sit in chair? etc. : ) The 'sit in chair' means the recliner in my study. He loves that chair so we have to sit in it every morning while I read my Bible and sometimes during the day I'll take a break with him. He is so petted!! Haha! Aren't they all?

Thanks for the laugh.

Great shot


Iris, I know he will take you up on that!! : )


Oh ok! You get a treat too! What about some icecream and then a walk in the park! Grins!☺


Hahaha! XenaPrincess and lefty50, too funny! You both must have a dog like mine...he has mastered that look, too XP.


But don't go wagging that finger at me when I drool on your lap or lick the floor (or drool on the floor).


HAHA! My dog has mastered that look too and he can turn it on in blink LOL