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Trwyn Du lighthouse and Puffin Island, Anglesey, North Wales.

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those things that you describe so poetically, katy, need a younger body to cope with the punishment!! i'll just stick to the memories and watching from the shore. have a good day.


John, I love this picture with your lighthouse engulfed in the bright to deep shades of blue but, oh my, in your gale, the sea must be awesome and powerful and tumultuous and passionate and exciting. I can imagine how you miss the challenge of controlling a vessel through it. I'm surprised it doesn't pull you back. From here, just from your description, I desire it.


well you live in some pretty nice scenery yourself, kathy!! when i used to skipper angling charter boats we used to pass between the lighthouse and island to get to the fishing grounds - it always felt special as you passed through. there are strong currents through here and when there was a northerly gale going against the ebb tide huge seas would build up here. good fun!! the sort of excitement i miss these days. nice to hear from you.


Mystical! I just stared at this for the longest time, searching for the right word, and I believe that's it! ... How wonderful to live near such beauty!


thanks, heidi. this is about 3 miles from where i live. it's quite a mystical place in druidic culture. it is a beautiful place.