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Checked into this lovely 4 Star hotel on 2 Nov '12

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Yep PM66, I did know it BUT it happened anyway. LIFE - go figure!!!!!

PM22 - I'm on my way over to your tugs now. The sale was ridiculous - 90% crafters - good crafters but totally the wrong crowd for visual arts. AND my assistant had a crisis and didn't show up so it was not a good day. Ah, but today is clear and full of sunshine. There will be all kinds of boats and ships on the Bay today. I shall recuperate.


Hi, Katy. Just to let you kn ow that I've posted a brief tug story under the rig picture.

I think that you are selling your works of art today and I hope that you do well!


One thing I've learned along the way is that recovery is never "straight-line." It's more like a slow dance - some steps forward, some back, sometimes side to side. So take it easy and don't push it. - but then, you knew all that already. :))


Thanks Sir Star - no my hotel is not brand new - I've been there twice before but haven't found the pool and spa - but then I was busy with other "entertainments" And aside from trying to keep myself from getting too active with this Show/Sale coming up - yes everything is A okay and I am grateful.

Thanks Cathy for you comments. It's taking it slow that sort of trips me up sometimes. Do to a little over enthusiasm the last two days, I slept most of today but that's good too. I appreciate the prayers and good wishes - they lift me up.


I'm glad to hear that you are recovering. Take it slow. Give yourself time to get your strength back. We are thinking of you and sending prayers and good wishes.


That 'hotel' really looks brandnew. Does it have a swimming pool? A spa? I do hope everything is A okay now


Thanks, I'm really tired, etc. today because I was enjoying yesterday enough that I may have overdone myself. But it will all even out. Don't know how much I'll enjoy the Art Show - I love painting and creating and writing but although I really love opening new businesses, the "business" part of my creative work I prefer leaving to someone else. I do enjoy the other artists in this group though - and the weather may be bad so may have few buyers attending and therefore won't have to talk about my art. Now, back for more resting.


Oh, Kate, this is not the kind of hotel you want to linger in! I hope everything is going well, and that you get to enjoy fully the Art Show and Sale, and all the coming holidays! Be well!


Thanks JC and Carole. Not really comfortable yet but I think the "discomfort" of post op is preferable to the discomfort AND anxiety of pre-op. Now I have to get some of my work ready for The Mission Hills Artists' Art Show and Sale on Saturday. I have help but how much I can do and how long I can stay is still going to be "interesting"!!!! Then I'll have time to recuperate (while getting ready for the holidays)


Kate, hope whatever took you to this place is improving daily! I spent some time in an edifice similar to this one last year...was glad to leave. Carole


I hope you're doing a lot better now, Kate! And I'm sure you didn't go there because of the great room service.


Check in time was 5:15 (am)!!!!! OK, it's not a hotel but it had room service - lots and lots of room service.