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Rosettes! (medium)

81 pieces
201 solves
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Christmas Baubles comes to mind........:D)))))
But, you'll probably charge me shipping, right? And it's real hard to ship the Internet, so........
I guess I'll just stick with the virtual award!!! (cheesier grin!)


Done! You just name it, my friend!!


Thanks, Kirsten! I'm glad you liked it well enough to give me an award! How about my choice of one of your fabo kaleidoscopes? :D


Prize-winning rosette to you, Jan!! Love this one. Gorgeous colours, and so crisp and clear! Thanks so much. :)))


So, if is reminiscent of a fairy tale to you, Hanne! I thank you for that compliment! :D))


So very NEAT, H.C. Andersen would have been delighted!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Jill - Thanks for the comments on the colors - it was hard to decide and getting a bit dark, I thought. I appreciate your feedback!

Barb - So glad they jumped for you and I'm glad it was a great solve! Thank you!!

Ardy - I'm glad it felt fast. I'm always happy when that happens, too! Thank you!

JC - So, take off your 3D glasses and get back to taking photos! LOL


This looks like 3D, Jan!


Fantastic puzzle, Jan. It went together so quickly I thought for sure I had made the board. At this point I'm 13 seconds too slow. So much for what I think is fast!!! LOL Love the colors and love the fun. Thanks, my friend. delightful.


What a wonderful puzzle, Jan!!! The colours jump right out from the screen and the designs are lovely. Thanks for a great solve. :-)


Beautiful color selection, Jan, a fabulous design, and a super fun solve! Thanks!