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a break in the clouds

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North Vancouver, Canada


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Hi Ank. What a lot of driving you will do in the next few days! And both are for funerals - so very sad. I pray that you and the other people attending will have safe journeys and peace and comfort while you are there.


Wow so nice, glad you had some sun.
We have the same weather forecast as Lorna. I hope we don't have too much snow.
Sunday I go to Elly (Monday morning is the burial) and Monday afternoon I return to Leeuwarden. The distance is 200 km so I can't use snow. Then Wednesday for the next, more as 200 km, but that's 2:00PM so I can go in the morning and after back home.
So next week I will drive about 900 km.


Thank you Suzy and Texas! If you look really hard ... way over on the right in the distance you can almost see the snowy mountains on Vancouver Island.


Magnificent sky! Thanks!


A curtain rising to show the beauty of the area!


Thank you Lorna! So we will both be dressing warmly this weekend. Thanks for stopping by.
Thank you Jacques !! I'm glad you like the picture.


beautiful sweetie!


Hurray! Glad you've seen some sunshine before more wet stuff falls Cathy! Winter looks to be biting here over the weekend, with temperatures likely to be below freezing in daylight, and some snow forecast.


Thank you Chookies. They are predicting rain and snow. So I guess we better dance along the dry sidewalks while we can.


What no rain, no snow? Just a little sunshine - that would put a spring in one's step!!! LOL


Thanks Jim ! I celebrated by taking a picture ... or two !


That's a cause for celebration, Cathy!


Yesterday Jan 9 we had some sunshine !!