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Pumpkin's Paw

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And does she hoover since then? Put it this way, it is now April 8th and she has used it (now and Oreck with no personality!) TWICE this year!!!
Deb - Deborah of Jawz2 and she does the most amazing kaleidoscope pictures
Checked out the recent comments. I have added one under an Enigmatic name! Boy, does he make my blood boil!!!


Thanks for the story, Brie. It's very funny.
Who's Deb? Is that Toony?
I'm leaving a message on an older puzzle of yours. Hope you can find it by checking for recent comments.


Deb knows the sorry saga of the Hoover but here goes...
A few years ago my cat brought a bird into the house. It flew upstairs (the bird, not the cat!!) and was rescued - minus a few feathers - by the other person who lives here. I asked her if she would hoover them up. That she did but instead of returning the hoover to its resting place in the room no more than six feet away, it stayed on the landing. The vacuum cleaner aka 'the hoover' has an aversion to hoovering and so it stayed...and stayed...and stayed in the same spot.
A friend in the US who knows of this intense dislike of hoovering by aforementioned person, asked me "Where is the hoover now?" to which I replied "Probably in the Maldives!"
From there came a whole series of 'Where is the Hoover?' pictures - all created without the non-vacuuming person's knowledge. So here are some of them to show you its travels, pastimes and jobs.
How long did it stay on the landing? From early February until early June!!!!
I took loads of pictures while it waited on the landing and found backgrounds and clothing etc on the web. Then it was Photoshop and an old version of Photosuite and - here he is! I hope he makes you smile :-)
That's my only profile
Must try Nicky's paw puzzle.


Toony, I just found it:

It was on one of Nicky's puzzles.


I know, Toony! But normally the cats I've seen have bigger pink pads. Pumpkin's is tiny. I left you a comment on another puzzle, but for the life of me, I can't find it. I thought it was one of Brie's puzzles.

Brie, I'm just finding out about Hoover. I didn't know why I wasn't aware of him sooner until I looked in my Favorites and realized you weren't there. What a terrible oversight! Is this the only profile you have? I'm so sorry I haven't been in on all the fun you've been having with him. How did that get started? Are you doing the photo editing or finding them online? They're very funny.


Pumpkin was lying on the back of the sofa with her paws stretched out so I was able to get this pic with them partially splayed. She has only been on the Prednisolone since Jan 22 when the HES was diagnosed. It is, sadly - and gladly - the only drug they know will suppress the over production of the eosinophils. We have reduced it to two a day now whereas before she was on three then down to 2.5. We had a quick ear prick for the diabetes when we at the vets and it was a negative return - thank goodness.
Sadly, the prognosis for the HES is usually weeks. We have been blessed with almost two months so as long as the pred keeps working then we shall be blessed with extra time. There will come a time when the steroids wont suppress the white cell production and we will be in the end-game fairly rapidly.
I know your pain!!! One of our previous cats bit my hand. She was at the vets and had bad arthritis in her hip. When it went into spasm when touched in the wrong place, she would bite her foot. The vet (not our current one) touched the spot, Mo bit what she thought was her foot - my hand - kept biting because she wasn't getting the desired effect and I ended up at casualty! Verrrrry painful and nasty. Did they give you a wide spectrum anti-biotic? Next to human and dog bites, cats are the third worse. Keep your arm vertical and give yourself a big does of TLC.
Toonyloons - love the name - check out YouTube for Cravendale cats with Thumbs - it is hilarious - all polydactyl!


If Pumpkin was a polydactyl cat you'd see even more pink baked beans Octomom!


Cute paw, Punkin. I don't know that I've ever seen pads that look like this. Most unusual, Brie.

I just read on your other puzzle about Pumpkin's numbers. Yippee, Brie! That's great news. I forget how long she's been on the pred. Can you refresh my memory? I don't want to introduce any bad news to you, but the pred is what gave Nortie his diabetes. He was on half a pill twice a day for seven years. I'm so pleased to learn this, you made me smile tonight. I've had a bad day ~ one of my cats chomped onto my dominant hand this morning at the vet, and sent me to urgent care for the afternoon. It wasn't her fault, though. I was scruffing her while the vet was cleaning out the fungus between her toes and I loosened my grip for just a split second.


They always remind me of little pink baked beans...

Pumpkin's paw - cute! Enjoyed the puzzle, Brie.