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Jail Museum ~ Franklin County, Illinois

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The site of the last hanging in Illinois.


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Wouldn't it? I really wish we could have a real jigidi get-together someday.


Don't worry chickie I love of this fun! Big hugs! I really love to be your friend, I hope someday we'll meet! that'll will be a blast!!


Graciela, I am sitting here with tears running down my face. That is so sweet of you to leave that beautiful link for me. I am so humbled. I value our friendship. I hope your Christmas and New Year are the best ever for you. Big hug! p.s. Sorry I called you a scamp. LOL

Yes it was punkie.


deelorris is part of the orris family, pumpkin.


Of course Morris, she has to forgive me, otherwise not Christmas gifts for her! Celine Dion is our greatest singer along with Michael Buble! I just love their music!
Morris tell pumkin who deelorris is please!!


Nover heard that version before Gracie. It's very good! deelorris forgives yu for stealing Santa!!!


I am still trying to figure out who deeloris's all so confusing! :)
Sounds like this was a real working jail in its time?


Chickie, wishing you and your family the best for this Xmas, you are a very special person. This is for you:


They have a short 14 min. video to watch about Charlie Birger, an American Bootlegger who lived in the area. He was the last person to be hung in Illinois. They you can walk into the old cells and see the inside of the bldg. I believe there are some things in cases and old pics from back in the day and pics of Charlie standing on the platform with the rope around his neck. I haven't been there in 10 yrs. and need to go back.

Gracie, you made all that stuff up just so you can get on Santa's good side. I know you!


What kind of things are in this museum?


Chickie!! I can't believe you called me a little scamp!! but the twinle is back in Santa's eyes! HELLO!!! thanks to the hussy, little scamp!! LOL!!!!!!


Thank you all for your comments.
I may be old young man, but not that old!
Thank you Celeste.
I would love for you to come to visit Ank. I will take you there. The inside is really old and untouched.
LOL Jack. I couldn't possibly put any of my jigidi friends in there. You are all my best buds!


That's you Gracie, always thinking of others!


put Robbie in jail please!


Hey! stop talking behind my back! Deelorris you are the one that put Santa down, I am just trying to bring him back for all the kids sake! Hussy? that's you! LOL!!


I think I want to visit it.


Nice shot Chickie :)


Santa's roped her in, deelorris!!!


Chickster were you hanging around at the time? Hussy, did someone say hussy? Where is she? Why am I always the last one to find these things out?




The little hussy!


I believe she set you up for all the jigidi world to see deelorris! That little scamp is trying to put a twinkle in Santa's eye.


Beautiful building, chickie!


Look at that little, Gracie! Blaming me for for taking Santa down! Dancing with him in that skimpy little dress!


Thank you Graciela and JiggyBelle.


OMG - what an interesting history it must have! Thanks, Chickie!


Nice picture chickie!