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16 Of The Worst Snowstorms In US History

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Snow can turn a city into a magical winter wonderland, but it can also leave devastation and destruction behind. We take a look at some of the worst snowstorms in the history of the US.

The Groundhog Day storm of 2011

Starting on February 1, 2011, more than 20 inches (1.6 feet) of snow fell in Chicago overnight, making it the third largest blizzard in Chicago's history. Nearly 1,000 cars were stranded overnight, with power outages disrupting city life. Other cities in the storms path included Tulsa, Detroit and New York. A state of emergency was declared in Missouri. Kansas City, pictured here, which received a blizzard warning for only the third time in its history


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In the Washington DC area this storm is known as snowmageddon.
My normal homeward bound commute was 40 minutes.
I was in my car for 7 hours before I got home that day.


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This feels even colder today since the temp here has dropped more than 20 degrees from yesterday and a wind chill make it feel even colder. I miss Jim too. I'm concerned for him. Thanks Pat.


I do too Sandi .. There were times he really made my day ..


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Sandi .. I thought of you and Jim when I posted it .. Wonder how he is doing these days ..


I certainly remember this one. I posted photos of it on Jigidi.