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My Grandpuppy When He Realizes He's About To Get A Bath

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My daughter's photo.


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From me too! Welcome home. (❛ᴗ❛)




So good to see you are back. Yea!!!


Thanks!!! :-)))


☺ Welcome back. :)))))))))))))


Oh, yes, I forgot--that table and chair set was my daughter's first "this is really me" (rather than "I just need a piece of furniture to sit on, sleep on, put clothes in") purchase, and it's the one thing that's moved with her everywhere. I love it--reminds me of my parents' kitchen when I was growing up.....


He's really very good abut his baths/grooming/vet visits/posing quietly for pictures, but that doesn't me he can't show what he thinks about doing them! Thanks, everyone. :-)))))


LOL! I know this look! And the "run away and hide" behaviour. My dog hated a bath too. Even though he was about the size of a small Labrador, I had to pick him up and carry him to the bath to get him in. And even then, he would splay his legs out - to try to avoid the water. LOL Funnily, though he loved swimming in rivers, lakes and at the beach. And loved being patted and rubbed. I never understood why a bath didn't seem like a combination of two of his favourite things! LOL! As an aside, I love your daughter's groovy mid-century chairs and table too! (❛ᴗ❛)


☺ They know.


Cute puppy. Good to see you this morning, Sue. Come on Pup, let's get this over with and then we can have fun. ☺