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Susan and others practicing

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Susan is on the far left sitting down. She is in our bell choir. She doesn't normally let me post her picture. Well, I think she's photogenic and beautiful(even if she doesn't)!


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I hit the wrong button and posted before I meant to. I too have played every position including the low 3's. I've been fortunate in begin able to be in several workshops with Don Allured. We lost a lot when he died last year. So glad to hear that you keep ringing even with your problems. Hope you can continue for many years more. I'm hoping to attend the National Conference in Portland Oregon in July. I need my bell enthusiasm renewed. I plan on fully retiring after next ringing year. But that's not written in stone. Thanks for responding. Keep ringing. Ardy


I'm assuming you are Susan, sbemus. That's a long, wonderful ringer career. You've been doing it about 15 years longer than I have. When I was playing regularly I often had B7 and its flat with my 5's. I did a lot of Shelley ringing. I remember one piece where I was weaving in octaves. That was a real challenge. I can 4-in-hand but not 6. I also have 5 octaves of Schulmerich bells but only 3 octaves of chimes which we just got this year. We ordered last fall. They came during the Christmas holidays. I have some back problems so usually direct seated in rehearsals and stand for performance. I tell my ringers that they may not injure anything above the waist.


Hi, Ardy. Jim pointed your comment out to me; hope you see this belated reply. I've been ringing for going on 40 years, and love it. Before we moved to Missouri I directed a church handbell choir, but I much prefer ringing. I've rung just about every position, but a heart problem the last couple years has sapped my upper body strength so I can't swing the buckets any more. I usually ring the highest 7s and 8s because I'm comfortable ringing 6-in-hand & doing a lot of switching. I love solo ringing, and I'm trying to convince a couple of the other ringers to learn some duets with me. I'd also like to talk some of them into forming a 4-in-hand quartet. There's a wide range of ability in our choir but we're working up to level 3 music. We have a 5-octave ring of Schullies (plus 4 octaves of choir chimes) and borrow another 4 octaves of Schullies, so we're able to double several positions. Right now I'm dealing with asthma problems, so I rehearse seated and save my stand-up-straight energy for performances. Happiest time was once in Arizona when my 3 sisters, a brother-in-law, 2 nieces and a nephew (we're a family of ding-a-lings) joined me to ring a handbell piece in church one Christmas. Happiest because it made our mother so happy; she always liked to see/hear us perform together, and that was one of the very last chances she had.


JCarroll, Pat left me this link today. Your wife is a bell ringer too? I stopped ringing regularly nine years ago. ( I had to stop and figure. I didn't think it had been that long.) But I'm still directing and occasionally do have to ring. I had the same partner for 15 years and while I could play any position I was at A5B5. At festivals our group was always in the bronze division.

Lovely angle on the photograph. Love the low chimes. I've been ringing and directing for about 25 years now and still love the bells. I have two choirs, a school group of 6-8th graders and an adult church choir. I love the adult group - no discipline problems!!! Thanks for posting this. I love seeing others enjoying making music with bells.


I know Susan is beautiful because you have posted her before... Would love to hear them play...


Hi Susan!


Percuss you percussers!


Thanks, chickie, aggie, and Jan!
I was the audience for the in the basement and I DID have my camera with me!


What a great angle to take this from! We get to see bells and music and the people!

Tell Susan that she is beautiful. Through the years, I have learned that it's true what Mama always said, "Beauty is as beauty does!" From everything I know about her - Susan is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks, JC


Would love to hear them. Thanks for posting jc.