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Hi all and thank you for your recent comments . . . :D)

You may remember that I was hoping to be out of my hard collar and into a soft collar by the end of the month . . . well . . . boo hoo . . . it isn't to be. I hope to have better news on the 18th of November (my next appointment with the consultant). In the meantime I am still finding it very awkward to spend much time on the PC . . . grrr . . . :(
As for "WamI?", creating the puzzles isn't the problem, I don't have to see the keyboard for that (thank you Mr Mouse), it's the collating, editing and typing for the incorrect lists that I can't cope with at the moment and I'm afraid HWSBI (Malcolm) can't spare the time . . . he's too busy running around pandering to my every whim . . . LOL.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE . . . not only for all the get well wishes and positive energy that you have been sending my way but also for your loyalty, patience and friendship. I hope I will be able to repay you all for your kindness and restart the game in the very near future . . . fingers crossed. I will warn 'Mr M' (my consultant) that if he doesn't release me from this instrument of torture on my next visit that he will have you to answer to . . . lol

Take care . . . (((HUGS))) and XXX's . . . Su


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thank you ringleader. Hope it is good news


Hi everyone. I wrote to Malcolm and got an answer today. He says he will make sure she posts here in a few days.


I hope all went well on Monday, Su. It will be great to see you back in the swing of things.


I am eagerly anticipating, too...I just didn't want to appear too pushy...glad Hester didn't have any qualms! :DDD (rotflmao...but very quietly!)


We're all holding our breath here, Su. Hope that specialist gave you a ( gentle ) pat on the back and moved you on to the soft shoe shuffle. Karate kicks and Ninja moves to follow soon! LOL! Take care. Hugs


lots of luck with your day, we are all together thinking positively about you. Hugs


It's today! Can't wait to hear how it went. Thinking of ya lots, Su. :))))


"3" :)))


You're in my thought and prayers all the time, Su. I do hope that healing has taken place to the extent that you can move to a soft brace. I pray for the time when this ordeal will be truly ended. (((HUGS)))


Wishing you well, and good luck on Monday, Su.


Four more days! :)


Seven more days to go! :)))


Just checking in. Sending healing thoughts.


Only 8 more days to go! :)))


Hi Su, Thanks for the laugh of the half eaten frog. You must be very sore and fed up by now and hopefully will get some relief by the middle of the month. but, better a patient patient now than sad and sorry later. Lots of good wishes are coming your way from your friends. Hugs, June


Just got back to the US from my dental extravaganza and Spanish school.....What a treat to find you updating! Not 'over it' as fast as you'd like, I'm sure, but such good news about the progress! PS I saw some great frogs in Costa Rica.....I talked to them about you..... They say, "hola!"


So nice to see you and your famous sense of humor---a good thing to have when you are recovering. We miss you and the game but can all practice our patience along with you while you recover fully. Mr. M will do what's best---that's what we pay them for. And, as long, as HWSBI is continuing to pander you may as well take advantage of it. He'll be back to his demanding ways (LOL) as soon as he knows you are well. Hugs and prayers coming your way. Lots and lots of them.


Happy Hallowe'en. :)


thinking of you. take care and well again.


Thank you for catching us up with your progress. We all miss you and happy to know you are recovering. Keep patient and don't overdo it too much. We miss you but, we can wait until you are able to continue with your fun puzzles.


*snigger* this one. (Reminds me of racing my leopard froggie against my brother's when I was many eons younger than now. A large mouth bass, lurking out-of-sight behind the dock piling, reached out and grabbed him. I grabbed the fish out of the water, held his gills and released my little frog. Froggie was then put gently onto a bog island to recover and live a full, froggy life, I hope. The fish? That three pound bass was done like dinner. Somehow, I don't suppose that would work on this owl so I'll bravely creep away and leave him too-whit!)

Happy to hear that you are recovering, Su, albeit more slowly than you would wish. The process seems neverending but soon enough you will be able to look back. Your threat to "Mr. M" is an empty one, alas. Your jigidi friends will commiserate with you but sneak behind your back to tell him that he'd better practice extreme caution so that you are given back in spit-spot condition!


So nice to hear from you. Every day a little bit better.


Su, it's a few hours early for Halloween. I hope sometime you can take a look and enjoy.


I couldn't express what I want to say better than Heidi did. Perfect! Take care, Su. At whatever pace your body sets. Slow but sure full recovery is way better than a rushed one with a relapse. Thanks for letting us know how you're doing. :)))

And thanks Heidi. :)))


Good hearing from you, Su. Good luck and take care. {{hugs}}


Well, lookee here! If it isn't Missy Trouble sporting her highly fashionable starched collar! Suits you, missus! Now ," patience " is the word. Granted, not the one you want to hear!! And please stop with that Exorcist impersonation, it's scaring the frog!! LOL
Take care, and make the most of all that grape peeling Malcolm is doing for you! Hugs, xx


You gave us a new puzzle and put on your Halloween duds! I'm delighted with this activity. And by all means, threaten Mr M with the gang from Jigidi. He'll ask who and from where? I'll just keep sending healing and happy thoughts your way and continue being a loyal, patient friend. Thanks for the update Su! And be sure HWSBI gets some really good treats rather than tricks for Halloween! :>)


So wonderful to see you, Su. Ditto to all the remarks made below. Take care of yourself and know that we are always thinking of you and wishing you well. It will be a real celebration day when you're back posting regularly. :-)


Thank you, Su, for the update. I'm sorry it wasn't what you had hoped to give but we want you back well mended and not in danger of further damage. You are so dear. Lots of loving but gentle (((HUGS)))


I feel like this frog sometimes, but I didn't swallow a frog!


Don't rush your recovery, my froggy friend. You want that neck to heal completely so no relapse back into the collar of torture. We all want you back to your old self (you most of all), but not at the cost of doing more damage. We can wait. We care lot more about you than we do the WamI? game.

Sending gentle hugs (((((..... HUGS .....))))) too, Su.


Still sending those positive thoughts. And, big, but gentle hugs. Thank you for updating us. We adore you, Su and come back when you CAN, not when you want to! :-D))


All those hugs and kisses back at cha! Sorry...but if it is for the best...hard collar it is. I don't think the threat to Mr. M will work...he's used to dealing with cranky individuals! LOL

Take are missed...but we want a 100% devious Froglet back. :)))