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the 3 Amigos.

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Back to front, Savage, the bully cat. Remington, the brat dog. Karma, the sneaky rat dog.


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@Mazy ok when I can get someone to take it I can do that. Only trust me, it won't be the whole family, Worf and Tag won't sit still that long with the other kids around.


@cappy There's good reason I am not in it. Well 2. Someone had to take it and sis wasn't here. (She still hasn't let me live down falling a sleep when we were watching a movie) the other, I was having a really bad hair day. LOLWhat my son-in-law calls my scary hair.

very nice family pictures, the only one missing is you. I have to say rem is really looking good, you doing a nice job with your family. hugs to all of you.


Ah, I like the adjectives, it sounds like you've got a lot of bad rotten bastards! Good thing you are the biggest one!! :D

I'd like a family portrait including the baddest, rottenest one of all...

Dogs rule, lol...I am sitting on the edge of my computer chair right now with one of my fur babies stretched out sound asleep...


I'll bet that's the best seat in the house. If you want to sit there, you'll have to evict them! :o)


Yes I do, though it is never a dull around here.


You've got your hands full with those personalities...


@cappy @PutterDutt @FosterMomMaria @Mazy @morepiecesplz