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Careful, careful, please!!

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And I love your repeating yourself, he likes it very much too!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


I know I'm repeating myself but I love how Bent manages to blend all the different elements into one image and it seems that everything just belongs there. :)))


I'm sorry to say it, but he is one of the trolls from the boat. He just went ashore first!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!


Hanne, I never see this ,but I like it,its look so happy and what a long nose, lovely greatings Elly


What a beautiful, peaceful scene this is. It's nice there is a welcoming committee to greet the golden boys. Thanks, Hanne and Bent.


Unisus is SO sweet, and a very good friend to have. You are SO right about their abilities!! Thanks so very much gerdje!!

Indeed, Lela, thanks so very much!!

So they are - and Bent is working on a new one for them!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


A beautiful spot to land. They are used to getting in and out of boats. They had one until recently adventures at Rainbow Islands. Thanks Hanne & Bent.


"Mind the step!".........

Unisus is looking soooo full of love : directly in my hearth . If the goldens here step in the water , and so what , it is not wild, and not deep . In the caves they show us what there legs can do .


I don't know either, they have never tried to fall into the water!! It's an interesting thought actually!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


That water does look cold!! I wouldn't want anyone to fall in, and I don't know if the Golden Boys can swim!! Thanks Hanne :~)


They look so, don't they? And they have the "plane" with them!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


They are sure having a good time. Thanks Hanne.