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Tile & Kaleido Quilt #3! (small)

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I am going on vacation and will be gone until April 11. Hubby and I are going to Jamaica, where we honeymooned. We will be celebrating our tenth anniversary.
I'll miss all of you! Tomorrow will be my last post for a while.


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You must be on your honeymoon vacation now-having a wonderful time.Jamaica was a favorite -we went on Martha Brae rafting trip-so relaxing. Enjoyed this puzzle and everyones comments-Thank you. DIANE FROM COLD N.J. Congratulations on your anniversary!


I know you're gone but I just had to say that this is beautiful and there are a lot of kaliedos and fractals you've never posted as singles and you should have. The third row from left top one and second one down, the orange one next to the green flower one above the squiggly and the blue one in the bottom row all need to be posted as singles. They are breathtaking. Thanks for this and the Jiggyboard I saw waiting for me and have a great time in Jamaica--it's such a wonderful place to go. Rosie


Congratulations, Jim! It would be wonderful if John and I could reach that anniversary!

PJ - So glad this was a good one for you. Oh yes, we will be having FUN!

Gail - I think I will do more of these. They use up images that you didn't use, but liked. It seems to work will, too. I think you should do more, too! And thank you for the Anniversary wishes! :)

Kirsten - You are so very sweet! Thank you so much. Your words are always like music to me! Jamaica will be wonderful. I am having trouble figuring out how many shorts and swimsuits to take! LOL


What a beautiful showcase of your works Jan. The images are just exquisite. And your framing/collage design is superb. I love the subtle shading in the framing of each of them. It makes them look raised up from the screen. You are such a great artist.

Have a terrific time on Jamaica. We'll miss you, but I hope you are so busy enjoying your "honeymoon phase" again, that you don't give us a second thought!! Have the best time, Jan. You deserve it, my friend. :))))))


I enjoyed this, Jan. You even have a fractal in the lower right. I might have to make 16 part collages to use up a lot of my bursts and rectangle kaleidoscopes. Have a wonderful trip to Jamaica. I've never been there. Happy 10th anniversary and many more to come.


Goodness Jan - what a wonderful puzzle - and wish you all the best for your romantic vacation....


Have a Great trip and happy anniversary. Gail and I just celebrated our 41st.


Hester - snow? What on earth is Mother Nature thinking???? That is ridiculous! Well, I will certainly have to enjoy the warmth for YOU, too. I will even raise a glass to you.....probably a Miami Vice!!! See you later, my friend!! :D

Thank you so very much, Sissel! I'm happy that you enjoyed them!!


Gorgius collection - thanks Jan :-)


You're leaving us with a wonderful selection of what you do so well Jan. Jigidi will be missing you but I'm absolutely sure you'll be thinking of us each and every minute!! NOT! Have a fantabulous time and, as I dig the snow from my back door for the third time today I'll try not to feel too jealous! :-))


You are all so sweet! Thank you so much for your well wishes!!
And, I am so glad you all enjoyed this puzzle! Thank YOU!!!
I will raise a glass to my friends at Jigidi on a sunset evening! :D


love this one, especially the ducks' heads! happy Anniversary and have a wonderful vacation, hope we'll see some photos! :-)


Beautiful! Each block is a little gem. Enjoy your anniversary. Congratulations.


A lovely mix with great colours, Jan.
Happy 10th anniversary!!! Have a wonderful holiday in Jamaica! We'll miss you. :-)


This is a fabulously fun mix Jan! And I'm so jealous that you're going to enjoy sun, sand and sea! Have a most wonderful time!


This was fun Jan. Love the mix of kaleidos and images. So colourful. Hope you have a great time on your vacation. I'll miss your puzzles and will look forward to your return. Thanks so much.


Thank you so much, Ruglady!


Very nice. Thanks.