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I Don't Know Why I'm Posting This

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Ohhhh, I had to come back to explain why I said that. You have a life outside of Jigidi too (whereas I don't)! So that's what my wink was all about.


Dagmar, why would it take years? It sounds like a great idea for you to get a new alias now so you can post your pictures. However, I can tell you from experience that it does take up more time, mainly because you have to switch back and forth to check on the most recent comments. But then....laughing....that might not be a concern for you. ;-)


I like the idea of taking pictures, as you saw, in the beginning I also posted photos I had taken, but it was just too much work to decide which photos to post and creating the puzzles and as I enjoy the painting more, I settled on one image every day in four sizes, this and answering the comments is more or less what I can manage.
One day I would love to create a new alter ego and post photographies. I've got thousands of them and some of them are really special, but it will be years until I can do this. :))
With your eye for beauty and the unusual it should be no problem to post very special photos. :))


Hi, Dagmar. Yes, she definitely spent a lot of time creating hers. I liked solving her smaller ones which have mostly disappeared now. Her puzzles had a 'rhythm' that I was really attracted to.

I'm hoping that given time, my hand will heal enough that I can create again but I've noticed that there's been no I may get a camera and take pictures of things around my house and post them as puzzles. I've got very interesting collections of things that would probably be enjoyed.

Thank you. :-)


Hi Wendy, I had never heard or seen anything of GingerMeggs and checked out her place and she really has some amazing images there, I suppose some of them must have cost her many hours of work.
I'm sorry about your hand, perhaps it will get better again when you don't use it too much and you can create images again even though perhaps only little by little.


Dagmar, I don't know how the heck I miss so many comments. Anyway, I missed yours until just now.

I didn't start creating puzzles because of June but her puzzles certainly captivated me when I first joined Jigidi. I also loved GingerMeggs' puzzles but she left without a trace.

Sooooo, you were one of those awful guests at one time? Shame on you! LOL

I disagree with you about the distance you're putting yourself between your creativity and June's, but you can think the way you want. lol
The fact that I was pumping out puzzles faster than you doesn't have any bearing on whether or not I was creative. Suffice it to say, I was still very much in the learning stage.

Like you, I loved creating....and I really miss it a lot. Well, I suppose it's just about time to see if you've created something new...and hopefully more before Christmas time rolls around. ;-)


I suppose many of us have started here because of Juneshones beauties. Long before I registered I have been coming here on and off as a much loathed "guest" and the first name that stuck with me was Juneshone's. :)) Thanks for your compliments but I'm still a long way off from June's creativity and you manage to create five new images before I have decided on one. :))) But I must admit that I have an awful lot of fun creating and I'm looking forward to Christmas holidays when I might get the chance again to try out new things.


Dagmar, like you, I don't make a point of looking at other people's work...mainly because I don't want to copy others' creations or be tempted to. But since I'm thinking that I may no longer be creating any at all, it would be fun to check out puzzles by others. I checked out many of yours and Juneshone's and I have to tell you that I was amazed. I honestly never knew just how creative you've always been. I thought you were just getting better and better....but that's because I hadn't seen your first puzzles. And then when I first joined Jigidi I was addicted to Juneshone's puzzles, but after going way back in time, I realized very quickly that she was a master of art when she first started too. There was no learning curve. The bottom line is that it was a treat looking at both of your creations. :-)


Hi you have a good eye and a good memory. The Lovely Bubbles and the Stone in the Pond one are just the same. With my limited time, most of the puzzles I'm posting were created in just one month in summer, I have to recycle the images and give them a different look. I would love to be able to create something new every day but there is no way. Since summer I might have managed two or three new images, but there is just no time for creating.
As to copying, most of us use the same or similar drawing programs so it is impossible not to turn up with similar things. I personally wouldn't even know it as I don't have the time to go round Jigidi to see what other people are creating as I usually only see the most recent ones when I open the page and then I might have a look if some puzzles catches my eye. That's how I ended up having a look at your beauties. :)))


Dagmar- Here's the one I was talking about!

And now I'm dying! You created a puzzle that's so much like one of my recent ones, but I swear I never saw yours before! In other words, I didn't copy. YIKES!
"Lovely Bubbles...."


Dagmar, OK, I just checked to see what your most recent puzzles are, and I love how you handled the stone in the pond. I usually go too far; I liked how you didn't. ;-)

And I'm glad that you think my creativity has no limits...but actually it does. My hand has been setting the limits lately. But thinking about you and creativity- I'm drawn to quite a few of your you already know. OHHHH, speaking of which- I saw a puzzle of yours that I absolutely LOVED recently...although it's an old one. Unfortunately, because it was so old, I didn't leave a comment, but if I can remember after I'm done responding to comments, I'll see if I can go back and find it. It was exceptional!


I don't know why you posted it, but I did it because the colours are exceptional, it looks like painting on silk, the same colours and patterns. :)) It's just lovely. Your creativity has no limits :))


Ardy, I am so glad that you like this puzzle even though I'll make better ones in the future...hopefully. I might not post any puzzles for today (Sunday) either though, because my hand really needs the rest. The fish puzzle really taxes my hand because of all the dragging I have to do when drawing. I have to redo the little gradient fish scales a lot because they usually aren't right the first or second time.

And yes, it's great to see Pat pop up here and there. She said that she might come home early.....and I'm kind of hoping she does.

One of the first things I did was to go to your new Neekei puzzle so I've already solved the little one...and want to thank you again. :-)


Wendy, I know why you posted this. You wanted to share its beauty with all of us for it is beautiful, soft, delicate, lovely. Thank you.

It's fun to see Pat pop up here and there. I do miss her. I miss that you haven't posted today either. I put up another Neekei picture and for practice put up a 6 piece version (as small as it would go) for you. I know you won't feel like you have to solve it. As I said it was for practice and I did it right this time thanks to your good instructions.


Thanks so much, Pat! Like I already told you, I miss you. :-(


As of right now, 222 people know why you posted this! If I could solve it, it would be 223! I think it's gorgeous! :-)))


Kathy, yes, this was a first attempt and I wasn't that thrilled with it, but my hand hurt so much that I wanted to get it done...and didn't want to waste 'hand power' on a new one. In fact, I probably won't create any puzzles for today. I need the break. ;-)


Well definitely something to look forward to then :-)


Oh, Kathy....I believe that I can make much nicer ones in the future, but I'm delighted that you like these anyway. :-)


I was drawn to it immediately!!! Misty, magical, bubbles. I love them!!! Thank you for posting them. They definitely deserve their debut!!!


Amy, I'm glad that you managed to solve the puzzle then, before your nap. LOL
It is kind of dreamlike so I can understand your problem. ;-)

PJ, maybe Amy needs new glasses! I checked out your beautiful new puzzles and I have to say that I'm glad you now have another alias. You'll find that it's especially nice when you're in the mood to post more than 4 puzzles.

ohmy8, thank you very much! I'll ask again in case you miss my question to you on another puzzle. Do you have 8 children?

cool puzzle, thanks


Wendy, I think it's both blurry and pretty. I have started with puzzlejan2 profile - there were 3 puzzles I was too eager to post.


Just in case you need a little more affirmation, I think it is beautiful! I did not think it was blurry, it was just dream-like. I think the way you layered the bubbles, then blended the colors together, makes them look like the beginning of a very happy and fun dream. I loved it! Now I want a nap! :-)))

I think it relaxed me a little and slowed me down...


Thank you, Mandy. :-)


I felt like I was inside a bubble and looking out at the other bubbles - and I agree with those below, its very pretty. Thanks Wendy.


Thank you, mariasha. I think it's pretty but I just figured that people wouldn't like something so subdued. Maybe I thought wrong!

I liked it too...beautiful, soft, intriguing! Thanks Wendy


chilisand, it's blurry and I know that a lot of people don't like to solve puzzles that are blurry....but I took a chance. Thank you, though. :-)


Maybe because it is pretty?