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View from the front porch

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Blizzard warning in effect for later today and through the night with snow squalls and whiteout conditions.


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It's my first Apple Jan, other than my ipad but the kids all have them and convinced me to get one. I don't need a lot of features. Just wanted a big screen. The system is OS X and it does everything I want it to but I have a lot of internet issues not related to the computer but to where we live.


I still have my old Emac. How do you like your Imac? What system is it?


Thanks Florrie. I didn't realize that our little cold spell was news worthy across the pond. The rain on Saturday could prove to be problematic but it's still days away and I know how often the forecast changes so I won't worry about it yet. Thanks for thinking about all your frozen Jigidi friends :-))))


Thanks so much Jana. Better weather is on it's way. Tomorrow -11, Thursday -8 and Friday -1 so things are improving for us. Like I keep saying. As long as the power stays on we'll all be fine :-)))


You must be farther south because -6 would be balmy right now. I have a wood fireplace as well which I used during the power outage. It just doesn't happen to be in a room with the TV or the computer :-))


It was pretty calm today Jan but the temperatures remained frigid despite the sun. Went out 4 times so far today and the latest one just now was for half an hour. That's the longest I've been able to last. Got the windows of my truck cleaned off and started it then took the dogs briefly to the fields while I let the truck run. Warmer days ahead :-))


Wonderful as photo, thank you so much Edie, I wish you a better weather. Hugs and love for you, cuddles fot Luke and Cole and your all pets :-))))


Hee hee..."bring out the shorts" brother-in-law keeps the fireplace so stoked that I wear shorts and go barefoot at their place. Slipped on my coat and snow boots to go outside to take a picture and wound up helping my OH shovel 8 inches of snow off the long front deck...but it was only about -5ºC or -6ºC...and no wind chill! :)))


Kids would love this, for a day or two! I do hope that this awful storm ends sometime soon. Meanwhile stay warm. Thinking of you!!! Jan


That sounds heavenly right now Dagmar. I would love to see anything on the plus side. I think by Saturday we will be up to +3 but also a lot of rain so we could end up with a big skating rink. I'm sure that you must have snow in the mountains by now but probably not right around your place yet. Maybe this weekend you will get to see some. If now you're more than welcome to come here and enjoy it. Right now the sun is shining and it looks quite inviting out there :-)))


They said on the radio that it reached -41C overnight but that was the windchill. Actual temperature was -34. I kept a tap dripping in the basement and from what I can see nothing froze. My outdoor pump froze weeks ago. I have a feeling they didn't dig the line deep enough because they are not supposed to freeze. I've done the same thing with frozen hair Marilyn but only when I was much younger. Don't think I could handle it now. Outside this morning I felt like I was getting a brain freeze when the wind blew and I had to pull my hat right down over my forehead. The coldest temperature that I remember for sure. Try and stay warm :-)))


No new snow overnight so at least there wasn't the digging this morning Michelle. However my first indication of the cold was when I went to put out the dog beds and their electric bowl had ice and the screen door didn't close on it's own. I guess the lubricant in the spring has frozen. My son in Aurora was a full 10 degrees warmer than we were. Well we are headed for a brief January thaw so that should help. Stay warm :-)))


I think we could switch places. Here it will be cloudy with 16 ºC today and even though it is a bother and a nuisance I would love to see some snow this winter or I just might visit you for a while and we could share a bit of snow shovelling. :)))
Stay inside and warm and I really do hope that there will be no powercuts this time. :))


I went to the YMCA for my water exercise class and only four people showed up today. The four of us exercised with our instructor. I dressed and towel dried my hair the best I could. I started the car with my remote starter. I walked out and got into my car reached up and my wet hair was frozen solid like icicles hanging off my head. I laughed because it seemed to funny :))


We are expecting -3F or -20C for our low tonight. I feel the fingers of cold in my little house in Kansas. I hope all goes well for you with your fridgid weather. Thanks for warming it up some before it reaches us. I will also be wearing my extra warm jammies and just might invite one of my dogs up to help keep the bed warm. Right now I have an old black lab cuddled up with me on the couch nice and cozy.


Well, Edie, you've certainly beat us in the snow department! As Barb said, we've been dealing with icy conditions here (along with some snow but I'm closer to the lake and we tend to get a bit more where I am anyway). My various farming friends around the province have certainly had a busy winter; although I think that my friend up in Massey takes the prize for snow cover right now. (She shared a great video of her young Border Collie "swimming" in the snow on her farm.) It's interesting to know that our forecast here in the T dot for tomorrow will be one degree colder absolute temp and a whole lot colder with wind chill than where our number 2 son lives and works about an hour south of the NWT border! I think that we'll have to gird our loins for quite an interesting winter...since it only really just started, officially. Hope that you and all the sundry critturs manage to stay warm and don't have to deal with any further power failures either. ☺


Thanks Hester. Yes we've had four months of winter all packed into one. It will start easing up gradually after tomorrow. By Thursday a high of -7, Friday -1 and Saturday +1. Woohoo, bring out the shorts. Thanks for thinking about all of us Hester. Hope your weather improves as well, flooding is no fun to deal with either. Stay dry :-)))))


Thanks Rosie. There are days like today and probably tomorrow that I have to think twice about this whole chicken idea. However, while I still have them they need whatever care I'm able to provide. Today it took much longer to do things out there because I had to dig everything out first. No snow overnight so tomorrow should be easier. It even took me much longer just to fill the bird feeders. I throw stuff out the window several times a day but the feeders still need to be filled and doing that with gloves is difficult. I ended up taking them off for brief moments but then touching the metal is so cold that I had to put them back on again. I didn't drive my truck today but it started yesterday no problem and I'll try and start it up tomorrow just to be sure that it will. I don't have anything freezing on the inside but I think tonight I will let the cold tap in the basement sink run at a trickle just to be sure that I don't get any frozen pipes. Good thing Spenser had enough sense to keep his socks on. My dogs could go into their houses during the day which are full of straw but they choose to lay at my front door or in the snow. They have really thick coats and I bought a large heated mat to try in one of the houses last winter and they wouldn't even go in it. They didn't like it at all, not even when I put it at the front door would they lay on it. Keep warm Rosie :-)))


Thanks Pilley. I'll be sleeping in my fleecy long johns with my bed socks on :-)))


Yes Ardy. It was all Jason's doing. I previously had two jigsaw sites on my old computer but didn't use them very often so I figured I'd just let him download something for me. Yes I am very careful now when I go out and if I do walk in the fields with the dogs I always take my cell phone just in case. I won't be walking tomorrow though. The last weather update I saw said that the windchills tomorrow are now going to be -37 which is better than the -42 they predicted earlier. At those temperatures I'm not sure I'd know the difference. The pump by the garage froze two weeks ago so now I have to carry water from the house. At least with their heated dishes I don't have to worry about it freezing up, just making sure it's topped up every time I go out. Hopefully the winds won't be strong enough to bring down any trees and my power will stay on. Internet is really bad. Going on and off so I've switched to my ipad to answer comments and then signing off for the night. I'll put the gas fireplace on in my bedroom for a bit and that will warm the room up nicely before heading to be. See you in the morning Ardy. Hugs :-)))


Edie, you, Rosie, Barb and all our Canadian and US friends stay safe. This is turning into one hell of a winter for you. Sending warmer, but very wet and windy thoughts across the pond. :-)


We're having the horrendously cold temps and even worse wind chills but I don't have to go out anywhere. My car is garaged but I doubt it will start when our temps finally come out of the deep freeze---it's been sitting there without being driven for four days now and our temps aren't supposed to be above zero for another three days so I'm not going anywhere. I had two inches of ice on the lock on my front door on the inside of my house this morning. I had to heat a knife to get the ice off so I could open the door to let Spenser out. And I had to rig up something to cover his paws after I saw him doing the one paw up, one paw down dance the first time he went out this morning at 8:30. I used two pairs of my white short socks with the padded soles, rubber bands and pins and they worked great, stayed on his feet and he loved them because he was able to walk around and dig in the snow with his muzzle and keep his feet on the ground.

You are amazing for being able to do all that you do. Your animals are so fortunate to have you caring for them. I would never be able to do one half of what you do to take care of them and your property. I'll keep you in my prayers over the next few days, praying that you stay safe and have power.


Stay warm.


I have your son to thank for getting acquainted with you. And I do thank him - a lot. Your view while beautiful makes me concerned. I know you are careful but this is really bad. We did not get any snow today but the temperatures are dropping rapidly. So unless school get closed for some reason I'll have to go out tomorrow for rehearsal. Fortunately it's midafternoon. I can and will pray that your power stays on and that you are safe. Sleep well.


PJ I heard on the radio today that we've had more snow and colder temperatures in the month of December than we had for the entire winter last year. I hope that you're not in the flooded area. That would be worse than snow for sure. Animals are all tucked away for the night :-)))


Well Jan, my OH is gone back to TO for the week. He stays at his mother's condo so will have heated indoor parking. My truck doesn't fit in the garage so it will just sit there till I need to go out. Hopefully not in the next few days. Happy Birthday, one week early. It was around now that I got my new iMac last year and my son came to set it up for me a week later and asked if he should download anything for me. I said to put some kind of jigsaw puzzle site on and Jigidi is what he found and the rest is history :-)))


This should have been my view - but I think you are have more winds and colder temperatures - it is so good that you are able to shelter the animals - even if you get more excersize than you want to... LOL.
Honestly, I would not mind switching the flooding rain with some nice snow to lighten up the landscape.....


From what I heard on the radio I think we did too Barb. Was just out and the wind now is really brutally cold. Without my down parka it just blows through everything. Stay inside tomorrow because they're calling for the same wind chill.


BRRRR Your cars need a little shoveling to get them out. your anniversary when you join Jigidi in on the same day of my birthday.


Edie, it looks like you got more snow than we did. For us it was snow then freezing rain so now it's kind of icy out there. They are forecasting 2 - 4 cm of snow later and gusty winds but it's those cold temperatures tomorrow and Wednesday that I'm not looking forward to. Made it across the street to the store for a couple of things but looks like I'll be in for a couple more days. You take care and stay warm! :-)


I'm in Guelph uu123. Where abouts are you?


Florrie this morning when I went out at 8:00 am the walk to the garage wasn't shoveled and with my big heavy boots and carrying food and water I was tired by the time I got there. Then I couldn't get the dogs' or the chickens' gates open without a lot of shoveling. The dogs spend the night in that enclosure in front of the vehicles where they have two insulated dog houses. The chicken coops are behind that so it's a bit of a trek just getting back there.


Even though I'm living through it alliebono I still find that it looks beautiful. Especially first thing in the morning when there are no footprints yet.

That's more snow than we have right now, you must be further North. But, brrrr, it's cold here too.


looks beautiful but I'm sorry for all of you - been watching the news and it looks awful! Keep safe!


Yup, that's where I am louisee. One hour west of TO :-)))


This looks like the weather we are getting in Canada now. Thanks for posting.