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stone art

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Hi, Kathy. If you click on FAQ's in the blue panel, above and left, you will find a link for the Jigidi users group. You need to set up a Yahoo! e-mail account to join in. It is supposed to be anything but puzzles. It is not a chat-room as such and I found that it didn't suit me. It is a way of getting to know a bit more about some of the tags we see so often. You will be made welcome and they will give help if you need it. Give it a try and you might find it of interest. I bet you are pleased that you don't live on the east coast for the next few days.


Hi John, what is the 'forum'? Seems I've heard it mentioned before but don't see any link to it.

Hi Katy, I love your user name, saw your explanation of it earlier! So clever! Best, Kathy


Hi, quartina, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the jig. It had some subtle variations to make it interesting. Thanks for your comment.


Hiya, Katy. I did go on the forum for a while and bored people with some of my sea-going adventures. I haven't been on the forum for a long time as I found it a bit "clumsy". You had to wade through loads of posts to find something of interest. Not for me. As to photos, I always (within reason) had my camera with me and took many pics of wrecks, salvages and tows but they are not digital and haven't got around to digitizing them. Lazybones!! I have done a couple of cruises to the Carib. and did enjoy them but you can get cruises on working ships and that would be better for me.

As you know, I love tugboats myself, especially the slightly older ones, as they have great character, Hustling and bustling....!!


A beautiful puzzle . . . . I really enjoyed it!