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Elusive Creature Sighted In Bonga-Bonga!

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A Tree Hugger... caught on camera.. a real ( S.L.O.T.H.) .. have heard of them but have not seen one before.


From the looks of it, and in my viewpoint, and looking at the situation clearly and with clarity, you were so extremely leery just looking at it that your hand slipped when you looked through the viewer and pressed the camera shutter. A most understandable occurrence if ever there was one.


Yes, this is indeed a rare sighting in these's never seen without its shadow........though the shadow appears regularly - in fact it makes its appearance every night.....


From the looks of that tree, I would say that the S.L.O.T.H. has met her match--even she must have had trouble trying to clutch that abundance of tree massiveness to her bosom, ample though it appears to be...


Hellooee everyone!
While Lela is busy catching spies, I thought I'd show you this rare photo.....
Pictured for the very first time, here is evidence that the Secretive Loathsome Old Tree-Hugger (S.L.O.T.H.) actually exists!....... I came across this creature of legend while mushroom-picking in the wilds of Bonga-Bonga, and as you can see it immediately assumed a defensive stance..... I
just had time to get my camera before it slithered away from view......
(Come to think of it, it looks very much like Mrs.Jones, who lives down the road, at no.42........maybe she's a S.L.O.T.H!)........