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Kaleidos made from ...... Humbugs!! ~ Tiny

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I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of humbugs. I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)

And a message to my regular solvers - our Daylight Savings Time finishes on Saturday night here in Melbourne, Australia, so from Sunday my puzzles will be posted an hour later than they currently are. Until October, anyway! LOL


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Better late than never, love!! I hope all is OK in your world. :)))

And I'm glad you like my backgrounds. I'm playing with a new program for my "suprise Friday" puzzles, so you can expect to see a few new things from me!


I know I'm a bit late to this party, but I wanted to put in my bid for the red! And I love the backgrounds you put on these...very cool! :)))


Thanks Rob!! I love the red and white one too. It could be liquorice flavoured though - I have some distant memory in the back of my mind, about "red liquorice". Or maybe I'm making that up. I'm not sure. LOL

I have to confess I never thought about DST being difficult in the really hot climates. But having said that, does an hour make so much difference in the temperature in the evening? When we have really hot nights down here, there's not too much difference between 6 pm and 9 pm!


These are lovely Kirsten - I'll have a red & white peppermint helping thanks!! I'm also a fan of the liquorice so I better have some of them too!! Choo-choo bars were also part of my child-hood!!
We like to think that we have Natural Time up here in QLD!!! None of this tinkering with the clocks!!! We had a trial run years ago & we were living in Nth QLD then, & it was too hot to cook dinner until about 9pm!! But I must admit - the early mornings were the best - it was the only part of DST that worked!!


Thanks Pat!! So glad you enjoyed my "Friday Special"!! :)))

And actually, I love DST and wish we could stay on it the whole year. Personally, I would prefer to have more daylight at the end of the day, than at the beginning. I HATE leaving work in the dark, and getting home in the dark - and I don't even finish work that late. But I guess it's like the temperature setting for the thermostat on the climate control at work. Some like it really warm, and some like it cooler. You can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time. LOL


Those are gorgeous .... So you will be trying to get adjusted too. I just wish they would leave it alone...


I know EXACTLY what you mean Nicky! I love getting the 3D effect to come through -which is completely down to the image, and not an effect I apply afterwards or anything. Not that I even know how to do that, even if I wanted to do it! LOL

Glad you had a good time with this one. :)))


Gorgeous! So intricate. They look 3D - with some of them the middles look sunken, and with others the middle is rising up rather than sinking down - hope that makes sense!


So Choo Choo Bars were there as well? I loved them too, Katie. But I don't think Good-n-Plenty made it over here though - can't say I've ever heard of them. And I think I've moved on to chocolate over lollies now. Not sure if that' s any healthier though .............. LOL


Sorry I missed you Shirley! I hit a big wall, and had to trundle off to bed. Yay - another liquorice fan! We'll ALL have black mouths together! LOL And I love that red and white one too! :)))


I love a good candy puzzle Kirsten! And I had Choo-Choo Bars as a kid too - my mom loved licorice. One of my favorites was Good-n-Plenty. But I always loved fruit flavored candies too. Still love candy, so this is perfect for me!


Oh I'm a liquorice fan too, My favorite was liquorice allsorts, now back to the sweets in hand, havn't had a Humbug in years, love these though, they are gorgeous the red/white looks like a sweet little hat, Thank you, Kirsten.


No, I don't think it was a chain store, Ardy I think it was just an ice-cream shop, that had 32 flavours. And I've never had pumpkin ice cream before. I guess if you can have sweet pumpkin pie, you can have ice cream. But it sounds a little strange to me! And on that note, I'm off to bed. See you tomorrow! :)))


Was this store called Baskin-Robbins? It was a chain all around the US. Haven't seen one for a long time. They also had a pumpkin flavor in the fall that I liked too.


I DID see you on top on both! I tells ya, you are getting faster!!!

And you know, I think they WERE 32 flavours now you mention it. Which also reminds me that I quite liked bubble gum flavour too! Wouldn't touch that one with a barge pole these days. LOL But I could still be tempted by a liquorice ice cream! Yum!! And extra ((HUGS)) back. :))))


We had a 32 flavors ice cream store and that would be my choice, too, to Helen's complete disgust. She thought black was an unnatural color for ice cream. No Choo Choo Bars though. We had it in other candy forms but I don't remember a bar. The "good old days" Some parts were good. Did you notice that I was on top of the board on two puzzles at once for a few minutes? Yea, me. That was a first!! I can't do that even on my own puzzles. (Extra ((HUGS)) )


Morning Ardy! I LOVE liquorice too - it's one of my favourite "sweet" flavours. As a kid, I loved liquorice ice-cream, from the 52 flavours ice cream shop. And I also loved a hard liquorice flavoured toffee bar, called a Choo Choo Bar. They would give you a really black mouth! LOL But they were yummy. Did you have them?

I'm glad you like backgrounds on this one. I've been playing with a new program, and it's one of the filters in it. I mucked about with them for ages, adding colour and various things. And in the end, decided that they worked best on a white background.

I'm also glad that you won't have to be up quite so early to solve my puzzles. Sleep is very important you know! But I'm very honoured that you would get up so early to greet me. Although Dagmar would be horrified! LOL See you soon! ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. I want a black one - licorice being my favorite (next ti chocolate) then I'll have a spearmint and then a peppermint. I'll leave the fruit flavors to someone else. OK? Love these backgrounds. They are so light and airy. Thank you for these delicious treats.

Sunday we go back to only 14 hours between our time zones. I think that means I can set the alarm for 6 instead of 5 and you won't be asleep? Love your puzzle today. I think I'll go have a bigger taste.