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4 for Snooker:) Bow Valley

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Banff National Park.


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And just look at those mountains!!!! Glad you had an enjoyable hike this week. Thanks, Maria

I'm from just south of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Have had our share of winter but spring is finally here. will have to watch for your hikes too. We were in Vancover a few years ago and enjoyed outselves but that was about it. will need to add Banff to my travel wish list.


Trouble breathing? Dang!!! Add the elevation to hiking and it has to be a killer!!!


Yes the snow is melting fast, it has been very windy ( snow eater)
I am very happy with the progress on my shoulder Pat, thank you for asking.
I will try to find few more interesting things to post.
Take care.

Many thanks for taking this old girl along again this week, Maria. Lovely hike and I agree the scenery is spectacular. Seems to have been a lot of snow melt in the last week or so and the grass is starting to look decidedly green.
Haven't asked for awhile but how is your shoulder now? Back to normal I hope. Still think sometimes of how well you handled yourself after that fall. Took a lot of courage and intelligence to get back down.
Will be looking for you again next week for another hike. Have enjoyed the rock balancing too. Take care, my friend.




Thank you julied, where are you from?
I am just 1hr. and 15 min. drive from Banff. We love to hike. Home is in Calgary, Alberta.

what a beautiful place. wished I was there


Hi Snooker,
got your boots on? We are going to play tourist in Banff:)
We met a friend in Banff and we hiked up Tunnel Mountain. This short but steep trail had us breathing hard. As we were going up we met a fellow again and again, he was keeping fit by going up and down this trail, my hat off to him, I am just glad that I was able to do it once!!
It's very popular with visitors and locals. The view was just stunning!
I think spring is finally here, the last few days have been sunny, lots of snow on higher elevation for the next few months.
Trust all is well, hope to meet again next week :))
Ciao for now my friend. Take care.