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Jana v tricku for Robbiel

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Hi Robbiel, this shirt have I about 4 years, I'll make a better picture is not there to see mom of puppies. I have a big sponge in my hand, she probably lived not in Bermuda is another world again


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What a lovely smile Jana:-)


Hi Angel, I saw black Dachshund with a cat, Laura would certainly like him.
Mushroom hrib growing in the Woods below the coniferous tree.


Hi Robbiel, yes it's a mushroom, we call her hrib and is very tasty, it's steak or meat with him,thank you, you like my T-shirt

Thank Queenbee nad Ank for the nice comments :-))

Are you teasing us, Jana? That sure looks like the kind of fungus that grow from up the roots of trees in my yard. I was too slow to make the board. Your dimples and beautiful smile distracted me. Did you see the puzzle of my black dachshund? He would have made a pretty boyfriend for you Laura. :-)


Je te houba?


Dekuji vam mnohokrat Jana, I appreciate this puzzle very much! That is a beautiful T-shirt, I really like the dogs. Like Queen I thought this was a mushroom, I still think it is, maybe the translation is wrong? Enjoy!
Thank you Ank for letting me know.


I love this phot Jana, Such a beautiful smile.
Miluji tento phot Jana, takový krásný úsm?v.


Hello Jana, nice to see you!! That is big!! When I saw the knife, I thought it might be a mushroom, you were going to eat!! lol! :)