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Dydd Dewi Sant - St. David's Day. Patron Saint of Wales!!

96 pieces
109 solves
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I'm not talking to you, Jim!! You beat me by 26secs!! LOL Well done! :-))


I have had this puzzle bookmarked for ages, John! Today, I finally worked it! YAY!
BTW, Susan has a Wales flag somewhere. I just saw it only a few months ago!


Glad to hear that you are both doing well. I don't envy your moving house!! Take care, both!!


We are fine, thank you John, what about you, are you keeping well? We get the keys to the new house tomorrow [today actually] and then the fun begins:-)) Stay well my Welsh friend!


Lovely to hear from you, Phyllis! I thought Y Ddraig Goch would get you in touch. Hope that Len and yourself are doing OK. Pob hwyl!


Hi John, Just done another of yourpuzzles, one with a very ugly red thing:-) no not this one, he is splendid, amongst the most splendid of all creatures! Had a very quiet Dydd Dewi Sant. had a funeral hat day, and the day took on a different quality I guess. Hope you are well.
Blessings and pob hwyl - PhyllisWe have ny nephew back in NZ at the present time. Craig lives in Brecon.


Hi, Francine. Lots of events all over the country. Many revolve around children. Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are all well! :-))


Hi John, hope your day was great with perhaps a parade in your area.