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Saturday Water Color Flowers

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147 solves
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Hi Grace! I'm going to leave you a message on one of your OLD puzzles to answer your question. And on another note, I'm so glad you appear to like this one as much as I do. I LOVE it too. This one took me a LONG time to create because I kept changing things. It would have actually been easier to paint it instead of using an editing program.


Wendy! OMG!! This is Fabulous!!! This is Awesome Art!! I LOVE this. I don't know what program you use. Please tell me. You have mastered it. And, BTW, it's a Fab puzzle!


Ohhhh, you're right, Mary! It is more like a Monet. You could offer roller skating lessons, dance step lessons, and art history lessons. I'll bet you haven't even started the dance step book yet. Bad Mary!

On another note, I'm surprised that you like this type more than the single ones. I happen to like these better as well. I wish you'd told me sooner.


Mr. B could use a little art history. This is clearly Monet! LOL I solved the other one, Wendy, and love the top left and the Florida orange middle ones best! I've NEVER not loved one of your flower puzzles, and this type in this puzzle is my favorite of all! Thanks!


Hi Mary! I'm going to post a sampler shortly where you and others can pick out their favorite one, and then I'll post it in a larger size. I realize that my main problem is that I want to be sure that the person I'm making a flower puzzle for will like I end up rarely posting one for the person (because I'm afraid they might not).

Thank you so very much, PJ. I love this one you must already know by now. :-)


Oh Wendy - yes ,now it's sunday - and I found your wonderful piece of digital art.
It's stunning, terrific, interesting and ingenious. The landscape gets increasingly exciting the more I look at it. I'm totally fascinated, your design is great.


Oh, Wendy you know I'm always a little later to comment because I'm up later on EST! It's wonderful. Such a fun Saturday Flower Dance! Wheeeeee! Thanks!


Thank you, dear, sweet, wonderful, Mandy and whatnauts! :-)

Mr. Bugosi, it's a Wincent_Wendy_Woe.

Ardy, yes, that could be the appropriate word....and thank you. :-)


Wendy, your fall flower garden is magnificent against that surreal background (I hope that's the appropriate word) Thanks, Wendy.


Is it a Van Gogh?......


Wendy, Wendy, Wendy - I tried to get here earlier, but everything was conspiring to keep me away. This is indeed a masterpiece. I LOVE the background - it makes these flowers look like they are part of landscape, rather than flowers floating on a plain background.


Wendy - everyone must be stunned speechless!!!! This is magnificent, the flowers, the leaves, the scenic background, the effects, the details, everything, all mesh together beautifully... this is most definitely a marvelous masterpiece!!!! I Love it too!!! :~)))


OK, so no one is leaving a comment on this puzzle which happens to be my favorite today, so for the very first time, I'm going to leave a comment on my own puzzle.
WOW, Wonderful puzzle! I LOVE this one. LOL!