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The Machair - the North Atlantic Coast in Scotland

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The Machair is a Gaelic name, with no easy translation - like my own.

It means - hmm. You'd have to spend a lifetime to know it - I know I don't know the half of it. it's a 'meadow' in a way, and a 'foreshore' in a way. It's a bee buzzing lifescape of liveliness. And in the winter, a cold, dark, thrashing scene of salt waves crashing and nights unending.

It is just a landscape, but it howls in the dark and the storm as we do, and sighs, happily, in the sun, dozing, on a summer day, as we do.

Did you like this? This is a taste of the Machair. if you liked it, I know more about the machair, and life on the machair.

Does my story of this landscape spark a love of your landscape? tell me about your landscape and I will make a story of it.

I love stories. I'm not looking to do something commercially with our stories. I just want a safe place to share stories of things (like landscapes) that matter.



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sadly, no. I hitch-hiked around the northern outer Hebrides, namely Lewis and Harris.

I camped on those wildflower machair beaches, and tramped around the local druid standing stones. I think it's really interesting and wonderful that the locals never stripped the stones down for houses or whatnot. There is an enduring respect for those who came before, that is often missing in modern life.

I think they've got it right, myself.

There's one standing stone on Harris that could have been a choice for the monolith in 2001.


What a wonderful experience you had! I'd love to hear more about it - and please put in all the Gaelic you wish. The language must be saved. Did you do this recently?


what! no way.

I googled and copied and pasted again, for you, and it comes up the same.

just google Sweeneys bothy. it's legit. and awesome!


Tried, but got this messagge from McAfee.
Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?… may be risky to visit.


Aw, PD. I'm sorry.

YOU'D make friends too. You don't just make enemies (pfft, they don't count, all jealous of something). You know I'm right - what's with people? My life is cruddy, your life is cruddy, and STILL people are envious? God save us from THEIR cruddy lives.

Let's run away together!


Several years ago Joe and I thought we were going to be able to go. He was SO gregarious back before the stroke and I just KNEW that if we got there, he'd make friends with the locals and we could get a real insider's feel for the country and its people.


PD, you MUST. I'll even look after the dirties.

I hitch hiked around Skye and the Outer Hebrides and met people who lived and thrived there. I camped on the machair. I handled Harris Tweeds. I ran the looms (badly, and only for a moment, while we laughed).


Wild and lovely. I'll probably never get there now, but have always wanted to go....

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