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In memory of Jenna who loved snow 1998-10/17/2011 I will always love and miss her

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my loss of Jenna. For those who have also faced this loss my condolence to you. Reading your lovely comments is helping me with my grieving process. Thank you for caring.

beautiful girl


So sorry for your loss. My hope is that when it is my turn, my furry friends who have passed will be waiting for me. They are truly missed. I love your photo.


Beautiful picture..!. You brought back a happy memory for me.. Our husky would fall asleep for hours in the middle of our frozen snow covered swimming pool.. She loved the snow too! They do have the sweetest nature.. Remember her with smiles. ! . . Thank you for sharing this.

She was very beautiful. They become a part of your family and it is terrible when we lose them. Just remember all the good times. Thanks for sharing Jenna with us.


I am so sorry for your loss. These small family members are so much a part of our lives and hearts. Thank you for sharing her with us.


She was a lovely girl. My sincere condolences. Cameracat is right--somewhere another lovely girl (or handsome boy) is waiting for your love and a forever home.


You broke my heart. Jenna was beautiful. I know how much it hurts. Just remember all the fun times you had with her. Let another into your heart. Give a sweet little doggie a forever home. You will both be better for that. Good luck, my thoughts are with you.


Thank you deb5054NY for your comment. I wanted to show people what a wonderful dog she was.


thank you wilddog, very nice. I'm sorry for your loss, I know how it feels.
very nice puzzle!
Merry Christmas