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Kaleido Sphere

64 pieces
91 solves
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I created this kaleidoscopel


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LOL, Magda. You want my secrets. Email me and I'll tell you what songs I sing. Although right now it would be with a bass voice since I have a cold and I'm normally a tenor.


Dear Puzzadd, did you not know, that Gail never makes the puzzles herself. She just sits in front of her PC and talks nicely to it , or maybe she sings him a song. And the nice machine produces lovely puzzles like this one! I asked her what mark she had, or what she was singing, but she does not tell me. Wants to keep it all to herself.


Thank you, Michelle. You know it was the kaleido maker that did that. LOL.


This was a very interesting one to solve, Gail. I did just sit back and study it afterwards, too. I like the counterbalance of colours and textures that you've got going in this. Well done!