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The sign on the church in the previous puzzle.

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Thanks for explaining.


Thank you Shirley.


Standing up well to the weather for it's age, Thanks chickiemama.


Just look out for cow pies jc.

Thank you Suzy.


What a wonderful, "primative" sign!


Chickie, my knees give me fits if I sit too long at a time, walking on concrete, kneeling and especially when they get too cold. Why, did you see me walking funny today? (BTW, moderate walking around the pasture is great therapy.)


Thank you Celeste, Hanne, young man, jcarroll, tex and morris.

Thank you all of your wonderful comments, suggestions and info regarding this church.

jc, how are your knees?


Thanks for posting, chickie! i also enjoyed the interesting commentaries.


Ank, it means the church originated (was established) in 1828, and this building was built (erected) in 1903. They may have met in someone's home or another building for 75 years until they built this one. Nice old sign and church. Now they usually don't even bother putting dates, you have to go to the abstract or other records to find out. Thanks, Chickie.


Nice one, Chickie! Read further for an explanation of the visible nails.

I have replaced hundreds of this type of shingle in my younger days. They were Vinyl-Asbestos siding (Now called Vinyl-Composite siding, for obvious reasons). They were cheap and very durable except if they were struck by hail, baseballs, rocks or whatever. We had a special tool so we could remove the damaged ones without disturbing the undamaged ones. That is why they were face nailed.
For pieces that were odd shaped, we had another special tool to 'break' the tile and nippers for cutting holes. That way release of asbestos was minimal as opposed to cutting the tiles with a circular saw with a masonry blade on it. The saw would release the fibers into the air and it was possible to breathe them.
(From the files of JCarroll: I have done many, many crappy jobs in my life department!) LOL!~


You sure they did not paint over the Dunker Church and move it a few miles?


Indeed - it's old!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Nice close up. and wow ..that is an old building


Thank you Adriana, warbler and Gene.

Interesting observation on the shingles. And with that many nails, they are not going anywhere.


glad u posted this sign Sandy :))


I've seen them both way here, chickie. It seems like 75 years is a long time to go without being able to build the church. I'm leaning towards a rebuild but its hard to call. Look, all the shingles are nailed at the bottom. Thats different. Thanks


Thanks for the info & picture


That makes more sense grannygoatlady! Thank you!


It may also be that the church met in someone's home or barn until they were able to erect a building...I know here in the rural parts of Texas that was the case in the late 1800's-early 1900' fact, that's the case still in some areas.


I can only find info on the cemetary, not the church Ank. Sorry.


I am not positive Ank, but I think orgn means it was (originally) built in 1828 and possibly was lost by fire or in a storm like a tornado and (erected) or rebuilt again in 1903. That is my best guess. I will see if I can find something on google.


Hi Sandy, give me some help please. orgn? and erc't? what does it mean?