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Crossing the Gap

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40 pieces
57 solves
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  1. Dclo1:04
  2. inny1:05
  3. glenestele1:27
  4. Moneyheffer1:48
  5. osersan1:49
  6. melissaw1:52
  7. BookPenguin1:55
  8. helenesco1:59
  9. shelby492:02
  10. jc382:02


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Good to hear from You Nancy * I understand ** I work long hours and do not have near enough time to solve all the puzzles I want ***


I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!!! ;-)))) Thanks Adam☺☺Sorry I can't do more puzzles but I am working full-time until Christmas break :) Did I already tell you this? Can't remember...old age Lol.

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