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Fun Kaleidoscope Speed Run

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16 pieces
78 solves
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Made with Photoshop and Kaleidoscope Painter -


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Thank you, SkyGlass. :-)


Thanks Pam. That's a lovely thing to say. (❛ᴗ❛)

@gogogo thanks for the kind words, its appreciated. I love your beautifully geometric puzzles too. Geometric and patterns are so much fun to solve.


Glad you have decided to create some puzzles, SkyGlass - thanks for this appealing one!

Kirsten's creations are a fine inspiration - I salute your taste. :-))


WOW! I wasn't expecting that reply, SkyGlass! Thanks so much! It kind of blows my mind a bit to be someone's inspiration though. In my head, I'm still the person I was before I started out making puzzles - who didn't think she could do anything creative! I hope that you continue with your creative journey too. I started out with kaleidos too - and still make them sometimes. But I've branched out into other kinds of patterns now too. Thanks again, SkyGlass. For solving my puzzles, and letting me know that you like them so much. And for your own creative endeavours. I hope you keep going! (❛ᴗ❛)

@RandomWorship - Wow, what a coincidence. Your fun puzzles are what inspired me to create puzzles, and you are the first person to comment on my first puzzle design. I usually complete at least two of your various sizes and look forward to seeing what you create next. With all your fun puzzles, nice comments, and completing this in 16 seconds - you rock :)


Made me think of buttercups! Thanks SkyGlass. (❛ᴗ❛)