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What program did you download? If it was GIMP, then yes, there is a very steep learning curve (it takes a long time to master). But to my way of thinking, it's worth it.

I doubt very much that you would ever offend me. In fact, I can't remember a time when anyone offended me on my puzzles. Don't ever worry about that!


Thanks a lot! You reassure me. I thought I had maybe made an inappropriate (is that the right wors LOL?) remark about one of your puzzles. By the way, I downloaded the program, but I am not clever enough to use it, waiting for one of my grandchildren to help me, like always!


Oh, Magda! You absolutely have NOT offended me at all! I think you're really cool, and in fact, I told one of my best friends on Jigidi, the one who also lives in Switzerland, that you're nicer than she is. So she told me that she's going to change her name to Magda to see if that might make her nicer. We were teasing each other of course. Anyway, in the case of the cones, I was teasing you after you had mentioned that you had eaten all the cones in one of the ice cream cone puzzles. :-)


Wendy, have I offended you in any way? If so, I am really sorry, did not mean to. I could not open the lihk you sent me, but I really try to be nice, I swear. Sorry once again.


Magda, speaking of comments on the puzzles, this is one of my favorites. Read the rules in the very first comment:

I go through moods where I want to only post puzzles in muted shades, and then other times only bright ones. Regardless, I end up trying to post the brighter ones most of the time because most people enjoy them more.

I don't know if you saw the small puzzle I posted today, but I mentioned in the description that you weren't to have any of the ice cream cones. hehehe


I have gone back to your older puzzles (page 13 and more) I prefer the colours you are using now, more cheerful! But I enjoyed the NASA one. And I enjoy the comments almost as much as the puzzles!
I have put on 2 kg over the holidays, maybe because i ate all y0ur ice-cream cones!
Please keep it up! Thank you very much.


In other words, Magda, you should be solving less puzzles, especially if you're taking the time to eat the pieces. LOL ;-)


An overdose of icecream, and that early morning, 7.30 !! Yes, it is also an overdose of puzzle! I am a puzzle-junky.


Hi Robbie! A Very Happy New Year to You too! Why did you eat 9 cones all at once? And why didn't you complain that there are no pizza cones among the lot? And thanks so much for letting me know about others having the same problem I have had with disappearing puzzles. It's nice knowing that I'm not the only one.

whatnauts, be patient!


What, no chocolate????? hummpphhhh


Hi Wendy.....BURRRP!........Sorry I ate 9 cones in a hurry, I feel queasy now and I have to roll my pizza dough out for supper! Very nice puzzle, I enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you, hope your hand is better.
I read your comment about problems, quite a few people are having the same one as you and also not being able to solve. Stefan and Magnus are working on it. I've had a couple of glitches but not too bad.....SO FAR!! Take care.


Is that possible??? :~)


(of ice cream)