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Picking "fluff" for nest ;o)


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Hi bri488, it must sound so beautiful to you to hear them talk/sing.

I always love hearing their song. It is crystal clear.


Well, he's very beautiful! You must have a very nice camera and zoom lens too.


The feeders are about 29 feet away from my window. I usually have the window opened so there is no reflections from the glass. ;o)


Wow just look at those beautiful colors, and the pic is so very clear as if you were standing maybe 3 or 4 feet away from him. Great job on the pic Donna! And, thanks so much for sharing it with us....Monica


Nope. I rub bacon grease on the windows and let the dogs clean them off!!! ;o)


Thanks for the address Donna, I look it up. This would be my first baltimore oriole - and my goodness it's a beauty. (I also have a comment to make on how VERY clean your windows you have a housework fairy down there?) ha ha ♥


Thanks, Nadine. This is a male Baltimore Oriole. We have the bird feeders set up right outside my window and my camera is right next to me. Since the feeders are only about 20 feet or so away, I can get some pretty good shots of them. I bought the "fluff". It says for Hummers, but all the birds here use it. We have several bird houses on the side of our house and they all have the fluff in them. They also love the stuffing from the dog toys that my "Guys" love to tear apart!! Here's a link to where I bought the fluff. ;o)


Oh...what is it? It's just beautiful. The colors!! And how do you get close enough for such a great picture? And where did you get the 'fluff' thing? Did you buy it or make it? I've always thought to do something like that but never got my butt in gear long enough. Great picture Donna! ♥