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I haven't tried solving yet, Ardy ... just working on a few other things at the moment.
Glad you seem to be escaping the worst and fingers are crossed that you keep power.
Follow up not bad but may need to increase one of my meds. :-)


Wow, thanks, Wendy! I'm so pleased you like this. :-)


Tricky, Barb, but fun. I thought the diagonals would make it easier - no way. Thank you. A really neat puzzle. My immediate area is escaping the worst of the snow. I haven't even needed to get the shovel out as the sidewalk and ground are so warm the snow is melting instead of sticking. Heavy winds though so danger of power outage is not completely over. So far so good. Everything OK with your follow up appointment today?


FLAT OUT, FANTASTIC! Barb, I absolutely LOVE this! It deserves a gazillion solves!