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Feeding birds!

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You see here some - 3-4 - yellowhammers, 2 Eurasian tree sparrows, a chaffinch with its back against us and a blackbird with the yellow beak they have here!!


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I recognised the blackbird, sparrows and chaffinch, but thought the yellow hammers were green finches as we have those in our garden. They sure have a great feast there!


Thanks so very much Ank, you've had mine too by now, I guess!!

There's such a difference in what you have and what we have. I do agree, Jo, it's very interesting to see some quite "new" ones. Thanks so very much!!

There are lots and lots of finches, sparrows and tits. When it's rough weather they come in great numbers, but when the weather is better, they don't need SO much food. At least the don't panic so much!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


You are so good to feed them. Look at the variety. Wonderful photo, Hanne!


Very interesting to see the different species you have that we don't usually see. Very colorful they are! Thankyou both!! :) :)


Hi Hanne, I did send you an email


You are SO welcome roseheather!! Thank YOU!!


Delightful. Thank you. ; )


Yes, in the basement and then the restaurant on the second floor with roof on it!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

They are allowed to come as many as they like. Last year it looked like this - all the purple ones are moneyplants: - thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thanks for identifying them Hanne. And I see you have (what we call) a money plant in the background.


Delightful, Hanne. They have their own table!! Thanks for identifying them too. Wonderful picture. Thanks, Hanne and Bent.