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Our summer cottage!

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Wow Mimi, I see you have place enough, when can I come for my holidays?


Oh Punkin, I hadn't though about that! Yikes!!!

Well, PG, the more warnings I get the more this rustic little place is beginning to repel me!

Wow, another scary thought!

Actually Hanne, I'm beginning to think a small castle in the woods might be a better choice. (I find I'm a bit green in the face too)!

Pat, just the physical erecting of this place boggles the mind! And why, who knows!


Amazing how anyone could build in a place like this. I guess they wanted their privacy.


Actually, Mimi, couldn't you afford more than this little hut?? (So glad you can't see the green colour of my face!) Thanks so very much!!


I hope you don't do any sleep-walking!


Mimi this is a very lovely rustic little place to hang your hat. I guess you can add repelling as another sport you can offer there.


Watch out for the cross winds, mimi!


BJ, let me know when you are arriving and I'll have one of my staff downstairs to meet you!

That's a very good suggestion Shirley!


Wow! Mimi, you do like to go out on a ledge, just stay inside and look out the window at the view.


Your directions were ok but how do I get there to ring the doorbell. Tell me you are not on the top story.


Never have Chookies, but who knows???????


Now that one fine looking holiday pad you've got there mimi - hope you don't sleep walk!!!!


Thanks Jacques!


wow, georgeous mimi!


Vskome, yes I am afraid of heights and intend to wear a parachute at all times!

Can I stay if I wear my parachute Tex????


Mimi, GET DOWN! That thing is gonna fall off and I don't want you in it when it does!


Yes, the view is lovely indeed, but aren't you afraid of the heights , Mimi?


It's a deal Gramdrgon!

I'll be your maid gratis if you'll pay my way over and back


Thank you Pat and Jan. I hope you can both come and visit. It's a bit rustic as you say Pat, but we'll manage. The cooks, maids, houseboys etc. will take good care of us.


Nice to see your bungalow has so nice turrets. AND a lovely view. And so affordable, too! LOL, Mimi


Lovely little shack--humble and unpretentious, rural and rustic, with just the bare necessities--just what a cottage should be! :-D


You are so smart RS. We do have to travel quite a way to get there, but it's worth the trip and the view is lovely, and besides I have all that RE money to play with!


Lovely view view of the Black Sea, from "The Swallows Nest"... However did you manage to purchase it?? I didn't even know it was on the market.... I guess that's why you're the QORE and I'm just the humble RS.... :) :)


Right on jcarroll. Be sure to come and visit!


Luke and I decided we needed a little change of scenery in the summertime. It gets so hot here you know. So we have purchased a little bungalow where we can relax in the cool mountain air next summer.

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