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Family of Mute Swans on the River Tyne.

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I was chatting with a couple with their granddaughter in her stroller on their way back to my village when we came upon the family of mute swans. I was telling them I'd just seen them on this same stretch of the river on the weekend, but they'd been in the water on the opposite bank. We actually stopped for a couple of minutes to watch them+they didn't pay any attention to us whatsoever-despite the fact my husky was all excited! (I'm amazed I managed to get these shots, since it's hard to do with a husky tugging on my arm!) They were grooming. It's so lovely to see such a thriving family so close up!
I reckon the cygnets are about 5-6 weeks old.
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Wow, they're big for just 5-6 weeks. Almost twice what a Canada Goose of that age would be. There are very strict rules here about owning and breeding certain breeds of swans. You have to be licensed to do it and harming them has very harsh consequences. Thanks for sharing these Rea.


Just had to share, I was properly tickled to see them again. They are so beautiful. I really can't imagine why anyone would want to kill them. The RSPCA fear that maybe they are being targetted for food - swan meat being seen as a delicacy. They like to use crossbows to shoot them with. It's truly dreadful. ; (


Beautiful creatures! Thank you!


What a nice surprise for you and the couple to see!

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