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Old door in Dublin
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  1. Hasli0:49
  2. auntmom71:00
  3. Ianto1:17
  4. Sissy61:21
  5. rahas1:23
  6. MikeO1:25
  7. BigR1:28
  8. cyndypo1:29
  9. Mazuri1:31
  10. week1:32


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Have a Bright & Merry Christmas @silverfox19134 :) It’s wonderful that you’ve traveled to sooo many places, your puzzles “open windows” to new thoughts or bring back good memories, for your puzzle workers . . like me :) I hope we keep in touch, just when you can. Stay safe, stay well and I would say “warm”, but you live in Florida :)


Teagardener Thank you for all the compliments about my puzzles. Ive been across the country many times and I have lived in many states of which you may see puzzles from PA, Las Vegas, Arizona and many from Russia, England, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Greece, and Europe. Enjoy them. I now permanently reside in good old warm Florida. Stay safe and stay well Enjoy the Holiday season. Happy New Year


@silverfox19134, I’ve seen your collection of puzzles you’ve posted, WOW, they’re wonderful . . these will keep me busy for a while, pleasant distractions :)


Hello @silverfox19134, I’m happy you like it :) I noticed many doors there are painted bright reds and blues and yes, the artistry of the stone around the doors is stunning. I also saw lions, harps and crests in the designs. Thank you for working my puzzle. I’m sorry I’m just now seeing your post, my notifications are “messed up” at the moment..


You can always tell when a door is old. Look at the stone surrounding it. They probably couldn't afford to build it today. The stone is beautiful and the door is solid. I love it. Thank you for posting it.

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