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Fifth Flower For Friday

56 pieces
176 solves
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Thank you, Mandy. :-)


My favourite Friday flower, it looks so delicate, I can almost see the outer petals being gently blown by the wind. Thanks Wendy.


I'm so glad that you (Pat, Ardy, Katie, and whatnauts)....all enjoyed this one. I made a bunch of 'flowers' last night, and this is one of the ones that stood out. Truth be told, they were all kind of standing out....
I think my brain is dying on me. Little chuckle


I'm not usually one who sees eyeballs in the puzzles, but I do with this one. Even so, it's a beautiful flower.


Great design Wendy. I agree that it was challenging to get the pieces together. Super fun! I like the combination of soft and bright colors you used.


Beautiful Wendy. Pat's right. This needs to be solved from the inside out. Even so I only made 5:08. Thanks for this wonderful flower.


That was a surprise! I felt like I was flailing around forever, until I finally started working from the center out, and I was sure that I was way off the board...!

The colors in this are so lovely--subtle and muted yet full of warmth!