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It took me most of the night to find just the right card to post here for all of my wonderful friends who remembered me on my birthday, but when I found this one it was well worth the time spent! It's perfect, it's short but sweet and comes from the bottom of my heart! And, it's PURPLE! l.o.l. I thank God every day for bringing you all into my life, because of that my life is now perfect and whole! I am so very blessed! An extra thank you to you Ank for making my birthday so beautiful! Big hugs to ALL of you from me! Thanks! May God bless you all!!!
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I just found this card, it's beautiful Monica. Thanks. I'm glad all your friends dropped in at your birthday party. Hugs my dear.

Monica, I really messed up and missed your Birthday. I hope it was a beautiful day for you.
You are one of our sweethearts, and I have to learn to be more attentive.
Thank you for such a lovely card from a lovely person as you. God's Blessings to you,
with lots of hugs and kisses, Janine :-)))


OH MY GOODNESS! I am so terribly sorry that I didn't see all of your comments before now! :( I promise I'll try to be more diligent in the future, my friends! Big hugs & kisses to all of you!

Jana- Hello my friend, I promise as soon as I get done with these comments I will check out your site and read the comments! I'm so sorry it took me this long to get to it! :( Gosh, I feel so bad! Your such a sweety pie! Thanks so much!

Ardy- Thank you so very much, I'm so happy that you liked my thank you card! And yes I really did have a wonderful time on my birthday! Made out like a bandit in the gift department too! hahaha Oh, and thank you for giving me the right site for Jana's puzzle!

Patti- Thank you so much dear, I'm so happy you like it!

Adriana- Your quite welcome sweety, thanks so much!

Faye- Hello there Faye, you are so very kind and a good friend too! Thanks for being there for me!

Robryan- Hi there Rob, thanks so much, I did have a blast on my birthday and went away with soooo many wonderful gifts too! l.o.l. Much more than I ever expected, everyone just totally spoiled me this year!


I'm just pleased you had a great birthday Monica:))) Thanks.


No, no...thank YOU. :)))


Thank for this pic.Monica.


This is so beautiful, Monica!!!


Monica, This is the link Janazlouky should have given you:

The one she listed is the picture only. This one includes her birthday greetings.


This is a beautiful card and a lovely message from you. Thank you, Monica. You are so sweet I'm delighted you had a good birthday and wish you a wonderful year. Blessings, my friend. Hugs.


Hi Monica :-))))) That's so sweet of you . Thank you very much. This was more for you on my site.
Please look there , wishing you still there 12 friends to your birthday . I wish you a nice day :-))) hugs


Philipcb- I'm so glad you like my thank you card, and thank you for stopping by! :-)))

Bentleyd- Hello there Denise, thank you so much and yes I had an absolutely wonderful birthday all around! I'm so happy that you like the thank you card that I chose! I just wish I knew how to write on the card myself instead of using a pre-written card! One day I will learn how to do this! l.o.l. Hugs

Grandmalucy- l.o.l. It's quite alright Lucy, I am very happy though that you like my thank you card! I thought I saw a few puzzles on your avatar, maybe I mistook you for someone else? Oh well, they say that's the first thing to go when you hit your 50's, your memory, and I have noticed that I do forget a lot of things lately! hahaha Anyway, I'm sure you'll learn soon enough, if I can do it anyone can! Thanks again for stopping by to comment! Big hugs from me to you sweety! ;-)))))


You are so welcomed . even tho i can't send puzzles to jigidi, i so like to send greetings thru others puzzles. again you are so very welcomed.
still waiting to learn how to.


oops nearly forgot , thank you for the lovely card:-)))


You are most welcome Monica:-)
Glad that you enjoyed your day:-)

m hughes69
love the card and thank you

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