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  1. Mebs16:05
  2. bexr17:27
  3. Ellei18:06
  4. BigCyrille20:35
  5. mtols1320:49
  6. glscamp20:56
  7. KittyDivine23:17
  8. stephk24:30
  9. mjjam24:56
  10. porgy25:48


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Hmmmm...maybe you are corrent.


Thank you, Carol, and you're so welcome.
I've heard a lot about coffee being good for you. I think at times doctors just give out opinions. I wonder if your doctor doesn't like coffee.

A couple a months ago our Dr. said no more coffee! This is what happens when you get old! Now what am I going to do with all those mugs. I have three adult kids and only one of them drinks coffee! Maybe the others will be healthier than us when they get into their old age!!! I like this puzzle and I love the red coffee cup with the heart. Thank you for posting these double squares. My favorite two are the two where one is in the upper left hand corner.


@WayUpHigh Glad you like them! Thank you and you're so welcome :)


Oh, I so love the 5x5 puzzles. Thank you so much and may I say keep em" coming!


Thank you so much and you're very welcome :) I have more than enough cups and mugs if you need some :)


Another very enjoyable and beautiful puzzle, thank you Cathy! I broke a favourite mug the other day, so I borrowed yours for an hour this morning. It is thoroughly washed, thank you! Hee hee.